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Proud Papa!

Jack Black pals around with his two-year-old son, Sammy, at Beverly Hills Park.

This is totally adorable and endearing. I like that it seems genuinely candid; one doesn’t get the feeling that Jack Black called the paparazzi and said “I am taking my son to the park today at 2, just FYI.”

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  • If he’s not careful he may be the next Britney. Bat hats, no shoes and nekkid kids… mmmhhmmm… If he starts dating a douchebag and shaves his head, I CALLED IT!

  • Not sure which disturbs me more, the fact that he is wearing a Yo Gabba Gabba shirt or the fact that I know what it is…

  • Love the Yo Gabba Gabba shirt!!! My son lovez that show – any idea where to get one?
    PS – The boy should have some clothing on for an outting at the park, no?

  • Yay! He’s wearing a Yo Gabba Gabba shirt! He may have finally won me over just with that! (Cuz I sure as hell can’t stand him otherwise.)

  • Maybe Sammy is naked because they were playing in water or mud. Jack has some on himself. I’d want to get my kid out of wet or muddy clothes too. It has been boiling hot in LA. Cut ’em some slack guys!

  • Martian, Yo Gabba Gabba has it’s own online store. :)

    I think it’s a sweet picture.

  • it’s been so hot and unusually humid here that i’d like to wander around in my underwear, if i could get away with it. well, that and not blind anyone.

    i’d rather be his kid running around a park free and normal with a fun dad than poor suri cruise who has to be afraid to spill something on her designer dress with a depressed stepford mom and psycho dad.

  • That is so adorable! I just love Jack Black. Look at him. He’s totally there so that his son can have some fun. Awwww!

  • jack black is awesome, but he is very much like my boss, personality-wise. and that’s not nearly as much fun as it sounds!

  • only tss would recognize another WT when he saw one…its comforting for him when he sees his kind…