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Who Defaced Sienna Miller’s Property?

Someone decided to spray-paint the word “SLUT” along the wall of the London home of husband-stealer Sienna Miller.

And WTF is that symbol next to it?

Be afraid, Sienna.

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  • It was probably some stupid ass woman whose boyfriend just cheated on her so she decided to take out her pent up frustration on a happy beautiful girl with a healthy sexual appetite.

  • yikes. the price for karma. but totally uncool to vandalize someone’s home. lame really. leave her alone. i like the way she dresses and that is about it.

  • looks like a stick figure sienna spread eagle on a gigantic lazy susan, used for spinning so everyone can take their turn with her

  • its a basketball
    sienna used to be a basketball player
    until she slept with the basketball coach
    and his wife found out and wrote slut on her locker
    so i guess the wifes still alive

  • It looks like the Leonardo da Vinci drawing of man that was highlighted in the Da Vinci Code.

    That sucks for her though… it takes two to tango and Getty’s responsible for his own actions as well. It was HIS marriage vow and HIS kids. Yeah, probably untraditional for a guy to point the finger at another guy as the one in the wrong but I call them as I see them. No home gets “wrecked” unless somebody lets it get wrecked.

    To damage her house and invade her personal space with that just sucks. Two wrongs don’t make a right. To be honest, I wish everyone would let the poor woman alone.

  • i don’t like what she’s done but this is totally out of line.
    it almost makes me feel sorry for her which is a significant accomplishment because i’m really not a fan of hers at all.

  • dorks! it’s code; S.L.U.T. stands for Sienna Licks Ugly Testicles. if you want to have a chance at sienna licking your ugly testicles, send images to my new website

  • Telling ya man, it’s a fucking amish cult. They believe that this shit should not be unpunished. You sow what you reap and when you sow someone else’s man – you get the fuckin weedwhacker after your ass.

  • I jusr fell out of my fucking chair at the office. I am serious at the comments. I loved the anal slut comment. That was priceless.

  • Brilliant comments on this entry!
    Surprised at Mercedes’ comment though; you can have a healthy sexual appetite without sleeping with married men! Although he is as much at fault as she is.