Everything Is Really Boring Right Now

Guess who’s having her third child? Angie Harmon! With Jason Sehorn! Who, by the way, I ran into in a parking garage in Beverly Hills once years ago, and we all three arrived at the valet station at the same time, and they were like “You go first” and based on that experience I am certain that they both love me very much. However, this is still boring.

Also, Tom Arnold does a lot of cocaine. Wait, what? That’s not news, you say? Oh, okay, well how about this: His third divorce was finalized on Wednesday. That’s not really news, either? Okay, last try: He has to pay this chick $15K/month for the next 25 months. Yeah, that’s right. Tom Arnold has $15K a month to spare. Now that’s news to me.

Still not entertained?

The picture above? Is of the drunk and newly un-engaged Shayne Lamas from The Bachelor. Later that night, she bent over a little too far and someone got a killer shot of her bare ass. It’s after the jump (and NSFW). Don’t say I never do anything nice for you.

[via Defamer]


  1. Mercedes says:

    Wooow! I’m eating dinner here..totally shouldn’t have clicked to see this.

  2. BeetFan says:

    Thanks Beet. Really.

  3. long dong silver says:

    Ohhhh ouch, not what I expected!
    I mean, I’ve only just begun drinking hahaha!!!!!

    But, from the guy side of the fence I’d like to commend you for at least a valiant effort for our male interests!!!! : )

    Wait, now that I look at it….

  4. rysky66 says:

    It kinda looks like John Malkovich sitting next to another bald guy with their faces covered. Or that could be the Jager talking.

  5. joan says:

    dude, that is not a bent over too far ass shot. that is a naked below the waist ass shot.