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Um, I Have a New Favorite Facebook Group

That is, of course, other than the I ::heart:: Evil Beet group and my own fan page. All of which you should join. Hint hint.

But someone sent along a link to a group entitled Alicia Sacramone Sucks at Gymnastics But I Still Wanna Fuck Her, and that, my friends, really sums up what the Olympics are all about in my mind. And in the minds of most Americans. I have joined the group.

And in the interest of gender parity, I have started my own group. It is called I Don’t Care About Michael Phelps’ Face, I Still Want to Butter His Fly, and I suggest you all join it ASAP, because it is the coolest group on Facebook. Aside from the ones about me.

And one final point of discussion:

Alicia Sacramone: Boob job? Yes or no? If yes, why? If no, how does she have tits?

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  • Just logged on there & I already had a group request…I am now a proud member of *I Don’t Care About Michael Phelps’ Face, I Still Want to Butter His Fly* :) Yay!

  • Joined…your fan page, anyway. I actually just started using my Facebook account. I don’t really care for it, but for you I’ll keep it.

  • ASac has breasts because she was actually allowed to go through puberty.

    Have you heard Shawn John talk? Some serious growth stunting is going on there, or something.

  • Ahaha, Beet!
    Your Michael Phelps group has 69 members right now.
    So, I’m going to wait until later to join…
    Because I don’t want to be the one to ruin that.

  • Ehhh she’s ok. If you do a google image search for pics of her…. look at the pics of her that are straight head shots…. she has a HUGE neck. Like the friggin hulk. I think Nastia or whatever the heck her name is is the hottest one. In my opinion

  • has to be a boob job, she has no other body fat. i was just saying this last week, that the unnatural boobs must have been what made her fall off the beam.

  • would love to join the beet groups & the Phelps group, but then my secret life would be known to my facebook friends.

  • I was a gymnast and I was also a size D. Gymnastics does not change the DNA your parents give you. If you’re gonna have big or small boobs gymnastics doesn’t change that.

  • your group is amazing, beet. michael phelps is so unbelievably delectable.

    and hell, i’m a straight chick and i am turned on by alicia sacramone.

  • Alicia is an amazing gymnast and a beautiful girl. She has boobs because she is 20 years old and Mihai Brestyan trained her well. I hate that people say she sucks at gymnastics, but I love that she is getting publicity in general.

    Anyone thinks that Shawn Johnson has issues with stunting growth, that’s ridiculous. Shawn is 16 and her doctor said awhile ago that she probably won’t grow much more because of her genes. I’m sure once she fully hits puberty, she’ll get one more big growth spurt and that’s it. Nothing fishy there.

  • oh my gosh, ur a total bitch man. u need ur ass kicked by alicia sacramone if shes supposedly manly. and im pretty sure her boobs are real cuz shes like a 20 year old WOMAN…u jockstrap. jeez wat is wrong with u…i hope u burn in hell dipshit.


  • Real or fake? I’d say real by the way they bounce up and down during her run up to the vault. I’d really find out for sure by slapping my cock between those fat fun bags and giving her a good old fashioned tit fucking! Alicia brings out so much lust in me, I wanna butter her butthole and plow that tight shitter ’til she squeezes a volcanic load from my ball sac with her powerful ass cheeks!