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Amanda Beard Can Live

Olympics Golden Boy and my future sex toy Michael Phelps has been harassed by every media outlet ever about his dating life, since everybody seems to want a piece of that size 14 penis these days, not to mention the gazillion dollars he’s got lined up in promotional deals at this point.

In general, though, Phelps is keeping mum about his dating life. He did, however, rule out Amanda Beard, who he’d been rumored to be boinking. “No, I’m not dating Amanda Beard,” he told Extra. “I’ll say that. I think she has a boyfriend.”

This is good news for Amanda Beard and for me, because it means that she doesn’t have to die and I don’t have to murder her. My schedule’s been hectic lately and I wasn’t sure how I was going to fit it in.

But he won’t talk at all about whether he’s seeing anyone right now. That just means the journalists are going to have to dig a little bit harder.

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  • Have you seen Amanda Beard’s face up close, ever? Without airbrushing and five layers of stage makeup? Hideousness. She’s got the Grand Canyon on her face. Take heart, Beet!

  • So I’m thinking this means he has a girlfriend. If he didn’t, it would save him a world of hassle just to say “No, I’m single.”

    That’s ok, though, he can date around for a while and sow his wild oats, and get all that silliness out of his system before he marries me and we have tall swimming babies.

  • I think he is saying in a very coy way, that he and Amanda aren’t ‘dating’ it’s a bit more serious, he is her ‘boyfriend’…
    not that i want to crush anyones dreams…lol

  • Beet, you should go to TMZ and read/see what J Lo said about Phelps. If you do, you will probably kill her for real.

  • Why would he want Amamda? Unless i’m blind or confused… see’s “kinda” fugly…without the kinda

  • On the other hand, if he had a girlfriend, why wasn’t she in Beijing? If you were dating this guy, would it not take a prison sentence to keep you from being there, cheering him on, and celebrating afterward?

  • Am I missing something? That is a face normally protected by a helmet? Horses saunter by and say “Damn, that’s dude’s got serious ‘Horse Face'”. From the neck down, I’m sure he’s as prime as any athlete should be. Neck up? Ouch.

  • those gold medals are nice and all, but they’re covering up entirely too much muscle. and those plate-sized hands are covering his “pubic bones” as you so like to call them. just a thought.

  • He’s weird looking. You’d have to put a bag over his head to do the nasty. I’ll pass. Although I WILL ogle at the muscles every chance I get.

  • god, i’m so shallow… i kind of scrolled down on this picture until only his body was showing.

  • @justpassingby: not exactly nice to make mean comments about people’s appearance, is it? besides, the guy’s an athlete, not a model. he doesn’t necessarily have to look good. in the face, at least.

    then again, I may be making a hypocrite out of myself. if it wasn’t for that extremely hot body, I’d probably be making fun of him as well.

  • OK I’m sorry to say this Beet but Mikey looks like a fucking Klingon in this picture. And another thing I’m sorry to say but he probably doesn’t want to talk about who he’s dating cause maybe he’s GAY!!!!!

  • NO WAY!He is not a gay,
    he said he like Lohan in 2004 Athen,… His dream girl :(
    and on 17th, while Michael got all the 8gold medals,
    Lohan said she wanted to meet him!
    People always say” Good guys are really hot that all girls would love to hang out with!”

  • i love the beet, but man i cant understand her obsession with this guy, he is a hideous human being, almost freakish. hmm

  • Hopefully he changed his mind about Lohan after seeing she has been with SaMANtha Ronson — how gross is S/HE?????

    Anyway, I like to think that Michael is rather inexperienced, because he is a machine – he has spent all his days and nights in the pool!!! When the heck does he have a chance to date?

    Someone posted that Kate Hudson will probably be after him, that’s true, she seems to date everyone. Perhaps Jen Aniston will too – she is in the market for a baby daddy….

  • God! He is very famous in the market

    Of course he has time to date girl,
    since he said he want to take a rest!

    But will his mom like Lohan?
    Because she has a lot of negative news………

  • Lindsay Lohan’s one true love is publicity, it wouldn’t surprise me. He probably already has a girlfriend, though, or is still working on getting into Lily Donaldson’s pants.

  • You wanna see somethin’ funny? Scroll all of the way to the top of this web page. Then scroll down to where you can only see the top of half of this photo (about right above his nips). All that’s missing is Joan and Melissa asking “Who are you wearing?”. They so need to change the color/design of those ribbons — too gay.