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Donnie Wahlberg’s Getting a Divorce

This is the conversation that New Kid on the Block Donnie Wahlberg and his wife, Kim Fey, have been having every day for the past year.

WIFE: Let me get this straight. Just so we’re clear. What you’re going to do is spend the next two years traveling the country in a humiliating effort to revive a career that died definitively twenty years ago?
WIFE: And you are aware that we have two children at home? That I will have to raise alone while you are fucking a 38-year-old former groupie in a hotel shower in Tulsa? You know this?
WIFE: Does none of this strike you as especially pathetic?

So, ya know, they’re getting a divorce.

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  • He’s actually the only member of their band I’m surprised to see doing the reunion. He’s kinda had an acting career going for him so it’s strange he’d want to get back with the New Kids and perform a bunch of crappy music again. I guess I’d still rather listen to them over the Jonas Brothers.

  • i agree klipper. i thought he had a pretty decent acting career going and the whole reunion thing seemed odd.

    so they’ve been together for more than 15 years. that’s sad.

  • agree, agree. with the other losers it was not a surprise, but i couldn’t believe he was in on the reunion. they may as well have had “marky mark and the funky bunch” wahlberg open for them.

  • I personaly don’t see anything wrong with Donnie wanting to reunite with former group. He’s talented in both singing and acting and if this is what makes him happy, he should do it. Of course, I have 3 kids of my own so I definately understand the wifes point of view. The children should most definately come first.

  • His wife is just not for him!!!!!! kids do come first! but also urself!!! wiffe doesnt like wiffe can walk! i met them at best buy last night and let me say! they look better than ever!!! Donnie i love you! welcome back! welcome back!!!!

    • He was my boyfriend back in the day!!! He asked me out but didn’t show up on a date…Donnie is someone who loves to work and when I dated him (very short relationship) I heard all kinds of rumors of him having relations with girls and their Mothers. I believed them and communicated with him on it and thus he destroyed a hotel room and was arrested. Thus his well known mug shot!! Yep! We are friends now and I love him like a friend but as a lover? Donnie loves his career, the ladies aka (BH’s or know as Groupies). Donnie has a great heart don’t get me wrong but when it comes to a relationship, he has a lot to learn. My only fear for him is when all of this is over, he will be without that special person in his life. I respect Kim who went through what I had to go through and I know how hard it was to move on but their boys come first and she stood her ground with Donnie as I did. It hurts and when I saw him after 20+ years in 2011, he was in tear when he saw me. I knew then that we still had feelings for each other but at the same time I love him too much so I have to let him go and see what the future brings. We communicate via Twitter but someday my hope is that he sees the light and comes back home.

  • I think that Donnie is an awesome performer, he can sing, dance and act. I will definetly be one to go see him in concert. I believe he should go do what makes him feel happy and that his children should be proud of what an awesome Dad they have. I love You Donnie!!!!! Keep performing and never stop :D

  • His ex wife filed for full custody of the kids and so the kids will primarily be with her. He loves his kids, he makes that very well known…I’m sure if it came down to choosing New Kids on the block or his boys he would choose his boys in a heart beat, but he doesn’t have to choose…Obviously singing and dancing is something he is passionate about so why not just leave him alone and let him do this, as long as his kids know he loves them and that he’s there for him then what is it to anyone else. He’s a grown man and he doesn’t need anyone’s permission , he can do what he wants.

  • I read in an article online that the reason for the split is because he cheated on her, I don’t know if I really believe that, and even if it is true…ppl make mistakes…maybe they just grew apart..that happens…Danny is divorced and you don’t hear all the BS about him.

  • It’s a shame they are getting a divorce after all these years of being together but things happen. He really loves his kids and thats the important thing. Donnie,you are an awesome performer!! Love ya!


  • I’d like to think that although they’ll most likely still have those groupies trying to get them into bed, they’re adults now and hopefully have more respect than that. I don’t think they’re doing it to get laid by groupies, I think they’re doing it because of their love for performing and music. Who knows what the reasons are for the split, its between the two of them. But I for one am glad they’re coming back, because I’ll be there to see them!

  • I used to be a fan till i started watching there interviews, now it seems like all they care about is fame, money and sex. Donnie talks about pretty much nothing but how many girls he’s going to sleep with while on tour. It breaks my heart because I really loved them and in fact I know this sounds stupid but it made me so sad that I even cried, but I can’t support someone who is only out to get rich and treat women like a piece of a&^.

  • I think it’s pretty awesome that he wants to do this for the fans, the real fans, who made them who they are. His wife obviously doesnt believe in him, but yet wants access to his bank account. Talk about money grubbing. It’s ok papi, you can bring your fine ass over here….

  • Donnie Wahlberg did the right thing. I love him and i am his forever.lmao kidding fans well i love them too i am supposed to go and see them in concert soon.


  • I think that Donnie needs to be with someone who will support him in everything that he does. He is so talented and HOTT!!! I can’t wait to see him on tour in LA.

    • i think that’s cute you put donnie future wife , and i agree with your comment . my comments however i had mispelled a couple of words and yes i’m way behind on this site .

    • and yes he does need to be with a person who can love him for him and not just for fame or glory they wont last for to much longer as for someone calling kim a gold digger that’s kind of harsh in away there kids maybe old enough too read this site bi-accidental you just never know at time this is why some of us in this site need to becare ful of what choice of words we use i’m saying this too just for other’s too read this comment but cute name you gave yourself donnie future wife . don’t we all wish we were married too him . lol.

    • There’s more to him then Awesome and HOTT! Would you love him when he is old…no acting gigs and way too old for the NKOB guys. Would you take him when he becomes angry with you, get in fights and during all of that would you still love and care for him? Donnie loves it when you all love him but him and I know that the love for his fans, BH’s are real but that is where it stops! Not saying things are impossible for you two to hit it off. Just want you to think about what it means to be the woman he loves and the woman that loves him.

  • I don’t know the reason for the split but I do know Donnie is a Flirt. We all know that. Maybe his wife could’nt deal with that. But I think a little piece of him will always loves her. I, mean they have two kids together. About him getting backwith the guys and doing what he love, nobody should make that chioce.But him, so yes Donnie- do what you love to do.He is very talented and she should of supported him. that’s her loss!!!! She is Dumb to let him go!!!!

  • I kind of feel sorry for Donnie ex wife, she is right in a way. Yes maybe she could support him on what he wanted to do, but could you really trust Donnie on the road all alone with all these girls all around him? He is a flirt and much more, like come on he is 39 year old man but looks and acts like 29. I think she was smart to let him go, now she is the one that doesn’t have to sit up all night wondering what he is doing at night.
    Don’t get me wrong i like donnie ALOT………….and i have been a fan of NKOTB since i was a kid, But i still understand why donnie wife Divorce him she did the right thing.

  • I just saw the boys last weekend!! They were great! I love the fact that they have come back and brought back all their fans! I will forever be a NKOTB fan!! Donnie is my favorite! I can’t wait to see them again! I’m already planning for the next concert!

  • Marriage is about trust. And if the trust is not there for him touring it is not there at all. If she feels she can not trust him on the road, then how could she trust him at home. You can never hold on to someone too tight. A relationship will not work that way.
    If this is the reason they are getting a divorce then it is best for all parties. I can not imagine staying married to my husband if I did not trust him 100%

  • I think it’s Great that Donnie is doing what he loves. Regardless of having kids we all have a dream in life, why not go for it. He’s not going to forget he has kids. I hope everything works out for him, I know he loves his family. I got nothing but love for ya Donnie.

  • Does anyone realize that there might be much more to this than Donnie’s decision to reunite with the New Kids? At the beginning of this year, he lost his father. He has also lost a sister. Between losing people that he loved and deciding which direction to take in his career, I’m sure there has been much more stress put on that family than what people realize. Besides, none of us know what happens behind closed doors, or how long the problems have been brewing. I have not heard or read where either of them have been bashing the other. In typical Donnie fashion, his private life seems to be remaining just that, as well it should. I can’t imagine his being disrespectful about the mother of his children- someone he was with for years before they ever got married, and who he loved- no matter what brought about the divorce. And, as far as him being a flirt or whatever, HELLO!! He is in a sink-or-swim profession based on drawing in the fans. He was that person when she met him. He was that person when she was recording the sexy moaning & groaning BS for both of Mark Wahlberg’s albums (check the album credits). Should it really surprise her that he is still a flirt after all these years? Being a flirt doesn’t make you a cheat. The point is- if you’re still on-board as a fan, support Donnie & the rest of the guys, and enjoy that they still want to make people happy after all this time. If you’re not, don’t listen to them. Same as the last time they clawed their way to the top… Welcome back, fellas. Have a blast, ‘cuz you’ve only got one life to live.

  • well.. thank you Kim, now is all ours ;)
    you should have supported him, you knew what he wanted to do before you marry him.. !

  • I like the New Kids well enough, but I never fully got into them growing up, like my other friends did with their posters, bed sheets, and other memorabilia; although I did like their music. However I don’t see how Donnie leaving on a reunion tour with the rest of the boys from NKOTB could be her (Kim) deciding factor for a divorce. I mean like,HELLO!!! He’s an entertainer, and always has been! Did she not figure that out when they first got married? Hell she met him when he was still touring with NKOTB and producing his brother’s music back in the day. And even afterward, he went into the acting business! That’s what he does for a living! She should be used to the lifestyle by now, especially as actors are often filming in various locations for months at a time. I mean I’m sorry but, considering the amount of money NKOTB has generated in their heydey, as well as all the acting gigs Donnie has had since the band broke up, I don’t see what’s stopping her from taking a quick trip to wherever he’s currently at to see him, I understand the situation with the kids, but I mean, come on, are you serious?? What with holidays, 3 day weekends, spring break, and other days off kids can take from school, how is that a difficult decision?

    As for the issue with Donnie being flirty since the NKOTB Reunion tour kicked off, um…he’s SINGLE now!! SHE filed for the divorce! If I was in his position, and my marriage was over, I’d be flirting my ass off too! And since when did flirting constitute as cheating?? If she decided to stick it out with him, I think he’d be less attentive to the females, out of consideration for her feelings. Also, the issue of him “abandoning” his kids for this tour, well that’s a bit extreme. From interviews I’ve seen him do, his kids have always been supportive of his acting jobs and other things he’s done. As a matter of fact, in one of his interviews, he mentions that his oldest kid (who is in a band himself) thought it was cool that he was doing this, but wouldn’t consider his band as an opening act (different music genre, I guess). So again, how is he abandoning his kids? From all the interviews I’ve seen and read, he sounds like a supportive father.

    There has to be other factors going on here. However, if I had to take a stab at it, and speculate, just from this article alone…I would say that I sense some jealousy on her part, career-wise. I mean she’s constantly referred to as a singer, but other than her small parts in Marky Mark’s Good Vibrations, what else has she done??? As for the comment about raising kids alone while he’s on tour…OMG are you f***ing serious?!?!? Chica get over yourself! Do you know how many military wives (myself included) are out there right now, who are currently raising children single handedly, while their husbands are serving in Iraq or Afghanistan or other parts of the world? At least you would know where he’s at, and that he’s safe. And if you had any trust and confidence in him at all, you would know what he’s doing, and have faith in your relationship to know you’d still be the one he comes home to. Oh and another thing, talking down to your spouse and practically insulting and condescending manner is not the way to get your point across! If Donnie is a “has-been” what does that make her? A “never was?”

    Donnie isn’t my favorite New Kid, but still…even this is just messed up. Not only does she want to divorce him, have full custody of the kids, but she also wants him to support her financially as well…I say get a job, gold digger! He should only have to send you child support and nothing else.

    • I know i’m belated on this news as you can probably tell from my comment’s . anyway’s i read donnie got remarried again or he is seeing some one . she has been seen at the celtics games i’ve seen pics of the both of them but how know’s she maybe a fan as well and there just talking garbage you know how the boston harald can be . and perez hilton said tmz said it as well that he is married again . unless there getting confussed with his ex-wife there saying she looks like her a lot . she kind of does but whatever . i just thought i let you guy’s know . if this is true about donnie being married again . and tmz did say it . it would have been broad cast on youtube . like they do with the waffel house parties lol. i’m just guessing and if it is or isn’t . that’s too soon for him to get married they said theyv’e been seeing each other sense last yr in 10/2010 and that’s only 6 month’s ago . whatever .

    • Donnie had an affair with a Canadian Model/Actress and they have a baby. Kim divorced Donnie because of it. Kim and Donnie where separated a year before they decided on a divorce. Yes too, Kim didn’t like the thought of rebuilding their marriage with thousands and thousands of fans being females wanting her husband and note to you…Don’t be judging of Kim…you need to know the whole story before you judge her and you are dissing Donnie’s Children’s Mothers which is a big NO NO to Donnie.

      • Seriously? Who is that Canadian model? Are they together, like couple, or it was just an affair that ‘produced’ a child? I’d like to think that he is still waiting for me :p

  • wait a minute!!! first of all you all need to get your facts straight! first off Kim and Donnie both filed for divorce. If I remember reading correctly they raced down to the court house which means it was a mutual decison. 2nd There marriage was way over way before the reunion began. In fact Donnie said it was because his marraige was pretty much over that he turned to music to help him get through it. They were seperated for almost a year before they filed for divorce. Now Donnie is a man and I am sure he is not mr. perfect but why is it always the guys fault? How do we know Kim didnt cheat. I saw the VH1 NKOTB special and Donnie got all choked up when talking about his marriage falling apart. If you listen to the lyrics in the songs.”2 in the morning” and “Officially over” It tells whole other story. Donnie is heart broken!!!! As far as him living out his dreams and going on tour good for him. I wish him nothing but Happiness and the haters need to stop hating!!!

  • They filed their divorce within minutes of each other. We do NOT know what went on in their personal lives. It doesn’t matter what they do or say. Who are we to judge?

    He is a grown man & can do whatever he wants.

    I am glad NKOTB is back. I will support them along their journey.

  • Donnie…..have loved you since I was 13. You do what you do because you want to do it!!!!

  • WOW! Donnie told her! What to go Donnie! That’s so hot how much of smart a*s you were being!!!!!!!!!!! Way 2 Go!!!!!!!!!! Love you always Donnie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WTF is wrong with some of these people? 1st of all, who are you to discuss his personal life? It has nothing to do with you! You are not the ex wife, so why worry about it & 2nd have you ever been to a show? Calling the guys losers, give me a break! They are AMAZING some of us have waited a LONG time for this & now they are back & BETTER THAN EVER! Stop hating! Go buy a ticket, sit back & enjoy a show. You’ll be back for more, I promise!

  • Look I doubt its the touring thing that ended the marriage – Joe brings his wife everywhere with him! Anyway, it is NOT our business to gossip and assume we know why the marriage ended! My marriage ended – sometimes people grow up, they grow apart. Who knows?! And stop being so nosy people!

  • ok, something’s i agree with most of you , yes donnie and kim divorced da old new . I could of sworn it was donnie who called up all the old gain back to reunite and not all groupies get to sleep with them that’s just trash talk.

    and yes kim shouldn’t of married him she looked like in her wedding pics that she wasn’t sure either and there were moments in donnie site they look like the were happy and than almost inches away from each other .

    secondly , yes it may or may not have been donnie her cheated they alway’s blame the husband why that’s alway’s been who knows .

    joe does bring , is wife and they don’t talk about them too much either and danny ex-wifes or kids . and yes donnie has been an actor but not before or in between nkotb he did however write song’s for his brother mark .

    and has for as there kids go that’s really none of our business period .
    also it’s not like one of us is going to be married to one of them so why make a big deal about it .

    and yes sometimes marriages do grow apart sometimes other family memeber’s attend to be in the way of marriages or other issues like with his sis dying and farth .

    why don’t we talk about jon or other memeber’s for awhile rather if donnie has or hasn’t got divorced i thought that was the whole point as well . i wouldn’t call kim a gold harsh she still has his kids be careful of the words you people use on the internet they maybe old enough to read this da .

    as for donnie flirting no it isn’t a harm as long as he keeps it to a limmit he does have kids and has for him sleeping around like stated before he would have with all of you on this page including me lol.

    now i have seen him party too hard but what can you do about it his a rock star da .

    anyway’s good for him and hope for the best for the both of them kim and donnie now if you had a husband that is and still is rich wouldn’t you be a gold digger too don’t lie . and yes there are single mom’s who are doing thing’s for there troops i know my grandmother use to worry about my grandfarther when he was in the war but not cheating on her .

    i know i’m way behind on the topic . but i also read about the both of them hurring up to get divorced and it became nasty , also yes he was choked up about it on american online .

    and if she can’t , support him than no she shouldn’t of married him in the first place , they should of thought really hard before having kids if they knew for sure they were having problems because now anything that they say or do on tv reflex on the kids even the youngiest one .

  • i meet to say who cheating on her , farther dying and sis i am aware my spelling is off so don’t monk me please thanks i ‘m just trying to reply some of the thing’s i read and i’m kind of tired as well i’ve been up sense 8a.m so forgive me for my unfinished sentences and grammer thanks.

  • i mispelled a couple of thing’s i know i’m tired and sometimes i don’t make sense anyway’s i meant to say don’t call kim a gold digger and his sis died and father and yes there kids maybe old enough to read this site you never know if they aren’t or are
    Donnie’s future wife says

    and that’s is so tacky putting donnie future wife well kind of funny too none of us can be donnies future wife wishfull thinking right well if i mispelled something or something doesn’t make sense oh well i’m tired peace out .

  • Everyone’s truth is personal to them. Sure, those in the limelight get exposed. But, there is no respect nor credence to advocate something without knowing and considering all of the facts. And from my perspective, it need not be revealed. If God is everywhere and we are all connected in spirit, then why judge your brother/sister? It’s the same as judging yourself. If it’s your job to report this kind of news, then do it with love in your heart, as if you are reporting about your own family.

    Just because a guy has an affair does not mean that he is the only one at fault. There is always a story behind it, which is personal and need not be publicized, no matter what. The kids always must be considered with love, whether it be the media or parents.

    Each parent must find his and her respective peace and love for life in order to shed their best love upon the children. That’s why in an airplane they say the parent must receive the oxygen first, and then give it to their child(ren). We cannot compromise who we are, ever. Each person comes first and then he/she can be the best influence upon others.

    I wish the best for Don, Kim, their family, loved ones and everyone. Parts of my life happens to parallel Don’s, losing dad, 17yo son, except I’m only famous to my friends and family.

  • I love how the grouies attack the wife when nobody knows the reason they really got divorced thirsty females lmao