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Congratu-fucking-lations to Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi, who officially tied the knot on Saturday in a small ceremony at their home attended by close family and friends. Only nineteen people were there!

Both brides wore Zac Posen and exchanged rings by Neil Lane. They also wrote their own vows.

I really really REALLY hope they’re going to release photos. I want to see pictures of this WONDERFUL occasion!!!


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  • Huge Congratu-fucking-lations to the best celesbian couple on hearth
    P.S Sorry Sam and are my second favourite! =)

  • Unfortunately, non-heterosexual marriages will be probably be invalidated within three years by a constitutional amendment. I do wish them luck, however, in the meantime. They do look happy.

  • This is a celebrity marriage … do you think it will last 3 years… they just don’t look like a match to me. Who is Portia di Rossi and what does she do?

  • I love those two together – I actually teared-up a little bit when I saw the footage of them announcing their engagement. The only bad thing is that now nearly every guy I know thinks that all lesbians look like Portia di Rossi =P

  • Portia is an actress and celeb in her own right and I think they’re equally yoked. Do you see Ellen’s hand on her stomach? Can’t wait for the kiddies!

  • i still have to point out how strange it is that someone (tp vero) can access evil beet but not google. sorry for the redundancy (i make this comment like once every 2 weeks) but it continues to amaze me.

  • @joan: tp Vero CAN access google it’s just that he/she probable doesn’t really care enough to google & it’s just as easy to post the question. I know because I’ll sometimes post questions I could easily google. But what I wonder is can tp Vero read this or any gossip blog & still NOT know who Portia is?
    And lastly I think this pic of the 2 of them is very odd looking the way Ellen is holding her tummy.

  • I am quite amazed to understand gay people want so desperately to get married
    at an era the heterosexuals want to divorce
    but once they get the point
    everyone will want the same stuff anyway
    it’s just like being able to buy a new toy

  • I wouldn’t equate marriage to a new toy, but okay. To each their own.

    Obviously with gay marriage will come gay divorce. And I hope they make a reality show for that, because it shall be HILLLLARIOUS.

  • How amazing does Ellen look for 50? And Portia is a gorgeous looking woman. I’m happy for them – I think they’ll last the course for sure.