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“No! What?! Right. I can give you a definite no on that. In one word: No. In two words, hell, no!”

The always-classy Kid Pebble, on Ryan Seacrest’s show, when asked if he’d be teaming up with Britney Separs for a VMA performance.

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  • kid rock is a lamentable joke. he should be so lucky to make an appearance with the high priestess of the backwoods, ms. britney spears. i mean, he did used to drag around that lip syncing midget everywhere he went. and didn’t he have that member of his band that became ‘uncle cracker’, that suckass dimwit? sounds like she would be a step up for this fake hillbilly, wanabee counterfeit so called musician.

  • I think it’s Brit that would be putting the big NO on that.. this ‘one hit, then found country since he sounds better when you’re drunk’ D list loser should be begging for the opportunity. Can someone tell him shampoo is good.

  • Hmm…Not to make a big deal out of this but..just the other day you were RANTING about how Dane Cook misspelled Britney’s name…and how he was “such a moron” because of it.

    Are you a moron?! I like to think not since I read just about every thing you post….however, you ALSO misspelled her name in this blog…

    Next time maybe you should reconsider jumping all over someone’s ass before you check your OWN grammar.
    Just saying..