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Go Daddy Go!!!

Michael Phelps won the 200m butterfly on Wednesday for his fourth gold medal of this Olympics.

Heh. I’d like to butter his fly, if ya know what I mean.

So here’s your photo of his pubic bone (or, as some of you pointed out in the comments, his “pelvic” bone — I like saying “pubic”).

At that point, Mr. Phelps held the record for the most Olympic gold medals ever.

An hour later, he added another gold to that record, as the USA (with Ryan Lochte, Ricky Berens and Peter Vanderkaay) took home the top prize in the men’s 800m freestyle relay.

Michael is five for five. Three more to go.

So, um, you guys get a second photo.

I don’t know what you guys are doing tonight, but I am totally getting into the bathtub and thinking about Michael Phelps. And I’d get into more detail, but my grandfather reads this blog. Eventually I’m just going to write cheesy romance novels under a pseudonym to get this shit out of my system.

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  • All the record setting is doing it for me as much as his body is. The way he moves in the water gives me naughty thoughts.

  • Oh my goodness….”butter his fly?” LOL. I love it when people can turn anything into something dirty. Greatness fo sho.

  • God bless the Olympics. Guys in package-hugging speedos and thin-materialed gymnastic pants are a delight worth waiting 4 years for.

    Like pay-per-view that’s cheaper and less guilt inducing.

  • Do you think Michael Phelps ever gets home from a training session, looks in the mirror, and does the old ‘Looking Good’ routine?

    Seriously tho, my husband can’t understand why I’m happy he’s winning golds when I should be supportig the GB team. Can hardly tell him its because this blogger I know of wil be happy, now can I!

  • BEET! luv the posts. but please can u get some pics of ricky berens? he is sooooooooo dreamy. SRSLY, he’s the dreamiest. (since the swim-posting is proving so popular, maybe you should consider a swimming blog. evil speedo or something.) LUV YOU!

  • He’s a damn good swimmer but he has some fucked up looking teeth. You’d think he has money to get ‘em straightened… or at leasy learn not to open his mouth very wide.

  • The beauty of a black/white photo is it hides nothing. Phelps has one hot body. I say start at the mouth, detour to the neck, ears etc as necessary an slowly make your way down that amazing line in his stomach.

  • klipper- the large mouth is more important than the teeth. Although I am a little old for him (40′s) I would love to spend a day helping him celebrate his Olympic successes. His body and the way it moves is worth ignoring the teeth.

  • What you have planned in the tub must be pretty hard core–if you’d let your Grampa read about Dane Cook but not this. And ugh, the black and white picture is not loading in my computer–damn these slow connections!

  • Metherer I hear u I’m like “Go USA” but I’m really thinking “Go Michael mama wants 2 c me some ‘pubic’ bone!”

  • I am sensing a double standard on this website. Photos of women are not allowed if they are too graphic or at best we get a link. Photos of almost naked men get the front page treatment.

    Fair is fair ladies if you really want equality. :D

  • These pics aren’t bad. Unfortunately, he just doesn’t put the fizz in my soda pop. All the more Michael for you guys, I guess.

  • This is getting to be a Michael Phelps softcore site. Beet, do you plan on requiring password access within the near future? I don’t know if I can handle any more pics or discussions about his pubic bone or seeing those outlines of his schlong in those Speedos. Plus it doesn’t help finding out that he eats 12,000 calories a day and then burns it off by swimming 80,000 meters (or 50 miles) a week. And that 12k calories…it’s not even healthy stuff. He’s eating all kinds of crap that would kill most of us just from looking at it too long. I’m lucky if I get off my lazy ass and run 4 miles a week. I hate this guy (out of envy, of course).

  • I would hardly say his teeth are messed up. He has one that looks slightly crooked, but everything else is pretty much in line. Definitely as “good” as the average person. I like that he hasn’t gone out and fixed his one crooked tooth or had his ears pinned for that matter. Some minor flaws are sexy. Despite all of his winnings and exposure he still seems very laid back and down to earth and that, along with his pubic bone of course, are what i find very attractive about him. Plus, he’s a swimmer not a model or actor. Of course I am judging him completely on the little we see and hear of him and could be very much influenced by previously mentioned pubic bone but still…

  • great stuff
    who cares about female nudity?
    I’m sick of it
    bring more of Phelps
    he’s hot alright
    teeth and ears give him more spice

  • i don’t know how many times i’ve come back here to stare at him.

    while we’re claiming swimmers, mike brown.

  • I find him ugly. I like the other American swimmer, the one that has a Luke Wilson look and what we think sounds like an Aussie accent. Piersol or something like that, don’t know.

    Tomorrow’s gonna be a good day. Men’s track. I couldn’t care less for the swimmers, it’s mens track. Bring on the Jamaicans.

    Oh, and you’ve finally been blocked by my work. Good show.

  • He’s a butterface, but sexy. And he’s a proven winner. Perfect Baby Daddy material, so he better watch out for skeezers.

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