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Tori Spelling’s Not Doing 90210 Spinoff Because She’s Not Getting Paid Enough

Although Tori Spelling originally said she was backing out of the 90210v2.0 to focus on being a mom, it turns out she’s just pissed about her paycheck.

Sources are reporting that Tori dropped out of the show after learning that Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth were making between $40,000 and $50,000 per episode, while Tori was getting less than $20,000 per episode. She asked to be paid on-par with Shannen and Jennie, and was denied, so she quit.

Look, as much as I dislike everything about Tori Spelling, I’m not sure why, from a business standpoint, she’s not worth as much as Jennie and Shannen. I mean, if they brought back Gabrielle Carteris, sure, they could pay her $20 an episode and it would be fine. She doesn’t need that much money; she’s probably eligible for a senior citizen discount at most places by now. But Tori, as odious as she is, does have her own television show and stuff. I’m not sure why she wasn’t offered parity.

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  • She probably shouldn’t be pissed about her paycheck, instead of her genetics and botched plastic surgeries.

    See, this is why I love this blog, you can say what you feel and not be told about it.

  • Yes, her chest is frightening me. And she wasn’t offered as much because no one cares about her. She was only on the original because of daddy… and now (rest his soul) he’s not around to pull the strings. I hope Shannen is still a gigantic bitch in this show… but really, what else COULD she be?

  • She needs the dough to fix that big ol cave in her chest…Shannen’s using her cash to get her eyes evened out!!!

  • Good lord. Someone fell down the ugly tree and hit every. single. branch. on the way down.

    And then got (terrible, awful) plastic surgery. The splotchy tan (burn?) and questionable hair just make it a whole package of sad.

    I’m gonna go look at pictures of puppies to make me feel better.

  • LOL with Adair. Okay! I’ll set the record straight.
    Tori Spelling was only on 90210 because her Dad was the producer. Somewhere out there is a startlet whose big chance was taken away thanks to Tori.
    Everyone wants to have closure on the Brenda and Kelly saga. Donna and David were killed in a plane crash on the way to their honeymoon!

  • ummm…yeah…wasn’t donna more of a minor character especially in the beginning? i thought that brenda and kelly were way more important in the show.
    and you guys, what IS up with her boxer chin and jowls? ewwww…did she do that to herself???

  • Good for you Tori, stick to your guns.
    I’m certain that Steven Spielberg or Sam Raimi will be calling you very soon….

  • , I mean minus the surgery and the bleach she had the same alien kind of beauty in her face. Tori’s pride is what is at stake here, I am not familiar with the original show [before my time] so I don’t know her essential her character was, but, I wouldn’t want to be getting less than my co-stars if we were all equal on the show? c’mon!

  • I went to school with a girl who looked like her, I mean minus the surgery and the bleach she had the same alien kind of beauty in her face. Tori’s pride is what is at stake here, I am not familiar with the original show [before my time] so I don’t know her essential her character was, but, I wouldn’t want to be getting less than my co-stars if we were all equal on the show? c’mon!

  • The original was just a little after my time (but I watched it anyway). Tori’s character was so much less important and interesting than Kelly and Brenda’s, despite how much the writers and producers wanted everyone to think they were all the same. It’s simple, Kelly was the central character after Brenda left and EVERYONE wants to see Brenda (and Shannen) again. Donna just isn’t a draw. And, I hate to say it, but Aaron Spelling isn’t alive anymore so nobody has to give Tori anything.

  • She does still have a profile, I’m in the UK so I’m not sure what the others have been doing but I’ve not seen anything of Jennie Garth for years, and Shannen Doherty just gets fired from everything… right? I would have liked to see Donna in there as well, were they going to bring David back as well?

  • Just a wonder what you can go with no talent or looks, but a famous parent. Against all those odds she keeps her self happening and in front of the cameras. Just goes to show you— never let little obstacles stop you. If this bow wow can make it, so can anyone.

  • She should be paid the same, its only fair. However money is the LAST thing on this planet the bitch needs with a filthy rich daddy. Good luck to her & the family.

  • Sprmcandy: Her dad didn’t leave her that much money (compared to his net worth) and her mother kinda hates her and won’t share.

    I was never a Tori fan and certainly never a fan of reality shows that feature whiney couples BUT she is actually very likeable IMO on her Tori and Dean show. I like her more after watching a few eps.

  • Anon,
    I watched an episode and a half of Tori and Dean’s B&B show. I thought Tori came off as childish and ridiculous, leaving her husband to shoulder the responsibility and problems that came up. It didn’t endear her to me, it made me look at her as a grown up, spoiled, rich girl who no longer has money. Or a rich daddy to further her ‘acting’ career, and I’m sorry to say that she’s not much of an actress either.

    Real estate Tori, invest in real estate-God’s not making any more of it.

  • Pride don’t pay the bills and jobs aren’t coming her way, besides the fact her dad didn’t leave her very much money from what I have heard.

  • Tory Spelling Reality Show is great. Many people love it. She is a very
    talented person, she is beautiful and down to earth. She just had a
    baby and she look very nice. Even though she came from a very famous
    father and a very wealthy family, Tory is a good actress and she is very
    charismatic. She deserves to be paid properly. The show will not
    succeed without her and everybody knows that.

    A lot of people thinks like me. Good luck to all of you.

  • Her dad left everything to Tory’s mother. I am very sure that one day that Tory, her brother and mother will be a family again. No matter what you all
    think I am sure that her mother will leave her estate to her children and grandchildren. Tory is a good person and blood is thicker than water.

    Don’t make fun of her breast, she just had a baby and she is breast feeding.

    The good news is that Tory Spelling has an incredible amount of funs versus
    the very little amount of envious people like some of you.

    God Bless you and try to be happy :)

  • Regardless of whether she is breastfeeding, she had a noTORIously bad boob job. One of the worst out there. I wish women didn’t feel the need to get stuffed like that.

    Am I envious? In some way, Sure. for example, I wish I was a d-list actor who could get offered that kind of cash to repeat a few lines of dialog AND could afford to turn it down.

  • I watched “90210” from the very first episode to the series finale and loved every minute of it. In the beginning, Tori’s character, Donna was not as much a focal point as Shannen’s and Jennie’s but after a few seasons, Donna was every bit as important to the show as Brenda and Kelly. Especially after Shannen left the series, Donna and Kelly were the two major female leads. Regareless, that was then, this is now. The three of them together would be a real plus to the new “90210” and I feel it only fair to pay them all equally!!! Tori really isn’t a bad actress.

  • Unless they plan on having Ray back to push her down the steps again, I do not give a flying fuck if she comes back or not.

    Donna wasnt even all that on the show, we all know it was about BRENDA!

  • The bottom line is that they all were on the show (1st one) and should all be paid equally, this is not about her boob job, the rich family she comes from, etc. Her father was the originator of 90210, and if anything they should pay her as much as the other girls if for nothing else, homage for a great man that produced a wonderful show. Also, I still was the original 90210 on soap net, still going strong after eight years off the air. It would be better to pay her what she is worth because this girl has a following and alot of people love her, it could back fire. Don’t get me wrong the new show is great, but I just think it would help even more just to pay her right way.

  • I dislike everything about Tori Spelling also but yes she should get as much as Jennie and Shannen. Her character on the show was a very important one and she has made quite a name for herself. I would love to see all of the gang back together on 90210 even if it’s just for on episode.

  • She is a sweet person. She is great at interior decorating and I love all the armoirs she has in her store. Plus she had her own kids and didn’t hire some surrogate like some stars in Hollywood do so they don’t have to get all streched out etc. Seems like a good Ma – so chill – Tori is cool – I like the show and will keep watching. Her husband is nice too and pretty hot – she is lucky – Her Mom looks a bit scary though –
    i wont say anymore cuz i dont wanna hurt any feelings but yep- scary scary scary lookin lady-

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