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Giuliana Rancic Is Suing Her Agent for … Something

It hasn’t been made particularly clear why, but E! host Giuliana Rancic (nee DePandi) is suing her former agency, William Morris, for “breach of contract and fiduciary duty,” according to her lawyer. “They put the interests of other clients they had ahead of hers,” he said. “It was a major conflict of interest, so she fired them. She’s claiming all money back that she paid them and damages in the millions.” William Morris declined comment. Giuliana is now repped by CAA.

I have no idea what actually happened here, and I’d love to hear the details. If you know them, please get in touch.

Also, a girlfriend texted me out of the blue last night like “Did Giuliana Rancic get a boob job?” And, while I know a ton of useless facts about all sorts of celebrities (I can pretty much draw Lindsay Lohan’s vagina from memory!), I do not know the answer to that. So I started going through old photos of Giuls on the photo services to try to figure it out. I didn’t arrive at a definitive answer, but I was reminded that Giuls had a very serious relationship with Jerry O’Connell in his pre-Romijn days, and also used to be all BFF with Joe Francis before she realized he was no longer doing anything at all to help her career. So that was fun.

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  • Two TV shows, she suddenly appears out of nowhere demanding face time status from the Agency in a loud and angry breakup. You cringe to watch her try to act as if she is internationally known and worshipped by many fans for her savy and style.. she wants a apartment make-over on Dress my Nest, as she just can’t do it herself.. or get her male pal interested enough to notice her and the place she is making fresh for them to share, heh, and a royal palace perfect, yet read… CHEAP wedding.. worthy of an empress, with her disallusioned, ready to bolt and not too caring fiance who’s paying the bills finally noticing her lame-dame not socially adaptable antics .. frankly saying “Cost too much bitch, now leave me alone to work”. She hasn’t any true talent or appeal. It’s all buggy eyes, stringy hair and piranha teefs with a skinny frame dressed horribly bland and badly made designer duds ‘KNOCK-OFFS?’.. acting as if she is famous there.

  • Uh, Beet, that’s twice this week that you have noted that you can draw LiLo’s vag by memory…do you need medication?

  • She’s boring and not so pretty. She made “E” film her wedding in Italy and I fell asleep twice trying to watch it. Her 15 minutes is almost up.

    • Not just the boobs, there isn’t one thing, NOT ONE thing real about Giulianna Ransid. I mean, rancid, oh, I can’t spell her name right but you get the point!

  • There was a blind item not too far back talking about some entertainment news bitch who was jealous of her peers’ big tits. Bet it’s her. She has creepy shoulders, too. Maybe she can get them shaved down.

  • The conflict of interest is Ryan Seacrest
    Giuliana Co-Hosts w/him on E! News
    His agency is William Morris if I’m not mistaken

  • Aww! I just saw her wedding in Italy and I thought it was nice! She’s Italian and it was cute that she could speak Italian with the vendors etc.

  • have u guys even considered that she might be pregnant? she is married after all. I like her and think she is wonderful. so stop hating on her.

  • Quit hating her! She has great looking boobs and a fine set of legs that she doesn’t mind showing off in her very short skirts and dresses. Enjoy the view of her great body and forget the hating.

    • great body? what body its always hidden underneath dresses..people with no bodies do this..look at angelina jolie..have u seen her with a pair of skinny jeans/ but at least she is talented…guliana is grotesque…

      • Sure, she wears dresses, but that doesn’t take away from the fact she has big boobs. Her great legs lead to a nice ass, so that only leaves her waist that is not able to be defined. I would love to see her naked so these outlandish remarks about her body would be dismissed. Anyone with a camera?

  • god Guliana is so ugly…maybe Bill needs total control of his environment.. it only makes sense he marry someone beneath himself so that he can remain the one on top….lets get real she will give up her life for him beacuse she doesnt really have any other options…i dont even understand how she landed on E..everyone else on there is so pretty and she is such a wide jawed overdone tooth monster… meanwhile we all know that Bill can have whomever he wants….even on the show she always gives in to him and he never to her…Guliana…think about had to marry a man that only to agreed to be with you if you live in seperate cities…WTF? you ugly bitch..i never liked u..since you we a DePandi ….

  • boob job…yes!!! ugly… absolutely!!! Lucky??? hell yeah!! Bill is sooooo freakin hot and Smart, but, he could of gotten any hot girl he wanted, so that makes me think Cynthia (NYC) is totally right! :D

  • why is she still working in E? I don’t see anything great about her. wrong hair style that doesn’t match with her head shape. great body? absolutely No. everytime I see her I always think what is wrong with her, is she sick, she look like someone who is on her bedrest in the hospital for 8 months. totally not attractive to watch. Bill you deserve someone better to stand by your side.

  • Guiliana had breast cancer and I know she had a mastectomy. I’m pretty sure she had reconstructive surgery, so yes a “boob job” I suppose. I think she is a very strong woman and 99% of us would have our breasts reconstructed after loss from cancer.

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