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Still Going Strong!

It’s rare that we see them out in public together, but Jerry Seinfeld cozied up to his wife of nearly nine years, Jessica, at a luncheon she co-hosted in Amagansett, New York.

You know, I totally didn’t know this, but I just read that Jessica Seinfeld (nee Sklar) had just returned home to New York from a three-week honeymoon in Italy with her first husband when she met Jerry at the gym. She promptly divorced the guy she’d just married to be with Jerry. Ouch! That’s pretty dirty, yo. I was never a big Jerry Seinfeld fan to begin with — I mean, this is a guy who dated a teenager while in his late 30s — but I just surrendered every last bit of respect I had for him. And this Jessica chick? Forget about it. What a dumb gold-digging slut.

Anyway. Gwyneth Paltrow was there, too, sans Chris Martin, per usual, as was Diane Kruger.

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  • I can’t believe you didn’t know that, Beet! You know everything celebrity-related. *bubble bursting*
    I think it’s quite heart-warming that you also heartily condemn that crass and horrible act of douchebaggery that Jerry and his wife committed. Disgusting, huh?

  • Yeah, Jerry tried for years to buy Jessica’s way into society, but the first husband she dumped is really liked, and no matter how much money Jerry dumped into charities, it didn’t really work. Well she seems to have made a career of plagiarizing books children, and befriending Oprah.

  • Didn’t He start dating her when she was like… 16? or was that some other teen u were talking about? >> as for Gwen; looking Hott; but is her top See-through? I Swear if this photo was bigger, we could see some Nips, and Areolas…. and wow that’s a short dress… Lovely.

  • Such a cuttie. His photos were seen at millionaire persoanals site “”””””C e l e b C u p i d.c o m”””””””””last week. It is said he is already in relationship with a young beautiful woman on that site now. ——————————–

  • Mrs Seinfeld looks good + she might have fallen head over heals in love w Jerry……… know, money isn’t everything.

  • These two make me sick.
    I guess when you’re that rich,
    you can date a teenager,
    steal a bride fresh from her honeymoon,
    plagiarize a cookbook,
    call it’s original author a “wacko”,
    and promote said book to death on Oprah.

    Of course they’re “Still Going Strong”-
    who the hell else would want them?

  • Why is Jessica wearing a cocktail dress, and Gwyneth looks like she stopped by on her way home from the gym to pick up some take-out? (proper hyphen use, Beet?)

  • Gwyneth always looks terrible in public. Hard to imagine her in anything glamorous. Guess makeup and professional styling can really work miracles.

    As far as Jerry Seinfeld and his wife go, they deserve each other.

  • i never understood the appeal of the seinfeld show. it just seemed like 4 odd people with obnoxious voices complaining for a half hour. i just didn’t get it.

  • Ribbet, I agree. Seinfeld sucks. But, personally, I really like his wife, I think shes funny and adorble. And I think its kind of ridiculous how people still say shes in it for the money. That could pass for a while. But after the first 5 years, seriously? Drop it.

  • Couldn’t agree more ribbet….all they did was b*tch and moan all while speaking in metaphors with lame music sounds in the background.

  • oh my god, why is gywneth wearing a mans v-neck undershirt & nothing else?? she is so homely most of the time anyway.
    i never knew that about seinfelds wife…what a total gold digger!!
    she probably lets him cheat, so long as she gets paid & everyone is happy. i am so cynical!

  • not sure how many books she’s written, but her cookbook that shows you how to trick kids into eating healthily is retarded because it encourages parents to coddle their kids while also giving kids the message that healthy food tastes bad and that you should only eat things that are sweet and yummy. she’s not a chef, or a nutritionist, or a pediatrician, so why is she taken seriously? dumbass.

  • Two peas in a pod who just stick together I suppose. I worked on Jerry/s show when he was on top of the world. He was not nice and neither was the entire crew. I happened to be in the unions, and if you we are member of the union you had a banquet to eat from back stage that changed every two hours. They would just throw out the previous food. The non-union people were given stale donuts and cold coffee and treated like second class citizens in the most disturbing and disgusting way. Jerry and all of them were just not nice. You had to see it to believe it. It will always be a wonder to me how some of the biggest bastards on earth get to the top of the money pile. She must be just like him.

  • wow,they look so sick of eachother in that picture,he should ahve married julia louis dreyfus the one who played elaine in seinfeld!