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A Fourth Austin Powers Film??

Word on the street is that Mike Myers is in the early stages of reliving his glory days by penning a fourth Austin Powers movie. This is probably a wise move, seeing as everything else Mike Myers touches these days seems to turn to box-office crap.

However, Myers is moving away from his tried-and-true Austin Powers formula: this upcoming film will reportedly focus on the relationship between Dr. Evil and his son, Scott Evil, played by Seth Green. “It’s very personal with a father and son theme loosely based on his own life,” says an insider.

What do you guys think?

Is a fourth Austin Powers a good idea?

And who will be cast as the hot chick???

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  • Unfortunately too late and the they will have to get someone younger and more hip than Beyoncé, so… hey… maybe your Li-Lo and Ro-ho and get in on this!?!? (probably not : )

    Would Alecia Keys do it???

  • omg he should have retired a long time ago… like robin williams and tim allen he’s been downhill for quite a few years now its sad really…

  • Give up Austin Powers, he’s run his course. I’d like to see him team with Dana Carvey again. Between the two of them, they should be able to come up with something fresh and funny….

  • I heard rumors years ago that Myers was forced to work with Carvey on the Wayne’s World sketches and movies, and used to think that was nonsense. Given all the talk of what a diva Myers has become, I give those rumors more credence now. I doubt that team would come together again.

    Austin Powers was great. But that time has come and gone imho.

  • I’m excited about another Austin Power’s film. I heard a rumor awhile ago that he was signed to do 5 Austin Power’s movies so this post doesn’t come as any suprise.

  • Wonder how many blonde bimbos with hugh titts will be running around ? Gee , like thats a bad thing !

  • I’ve heard this somewhere else to- don’t hold me to it but I think they said they were looking at Gisele Bunchen for the Power’s girl.

  • this guy should just retire. I hate him.

    the world doesn’t need anymore stupidity. I hated all his movies, and I don’t find him funny.