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Kate & Wills: Still in Love!

Prince William has spent the last month fighting drug trafficking on on a Royal Navy warship, and is now ready for some R&R with the love of his life, Kate Middleton.

When Wills’ tour on the HMS Iron Duke concludes on Friday, he will fly to the Caribbean, to spend two weeks with Kate. This month represents the longest the two have been apart during their entire courtship, which began when they were in college.

During his stint on the HMS Iron Duke, Wills has proven quite the crimefighter.

The Prince, whose military title on board the ship is Sub lieutenant Wales, has had an active time in the last month.

In his first week he was involved in an operation to capture a speed boat containing £20 million worth of smuggled heroin.

And last week he helped spot another vessel suspected of drug-running while aboard a Lynx helicopter. When the boat failed to stop, marines opened fire on it, shooting out the engine.

He’s a prince AND a hero!

I’m so jealous of Kate.

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  • He and Harry are about as much read soldiers as you are Beet, not really their fault but they have more special protection around them than… hmmm who can i name here that has a massive entourage?

    Kate Middleton is about as interesting and attractive as a a plank of wood, a young Grace Kelly she is ain’t -but she has no scandals attached to her and is a good prospect for him to stick with, can you imagine the uproar if he took a shine to say ooo Britney or whoever England’s version would be [any ideas?] till he marries and can resume an affair with the woman he truly loves and wants – much like his father did.

  • real soldiers that was meant to be – not read.
    and i decided i want to see william with amy winehouse – oh the drama!

  • Must be a bad angle for Kate, I’ve seen plenty of photo’s of her looking much better than she does here.

  • I was so excited when they broke up awhile back.–Probably because I’m super jealous of her… It just breaks my heart to see them so happy. Just kidding, kind of. But her skin looks just terrible in this picture.–And normally I think she’s just absolutely gorgeous.

  • I love Kate. I think it is cool that there is no footage of her speaking..she is all mysterious still. Plus she almost always wears black and white and I’m into that. This pic isn’t one of her best. She always has perfect hair too.

  • I think Kate is awesome and will make a great queen. And Wills and Harry are as much real soldiers as they are able to be, given their position. Harry is, anyway.