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Is Everybody Super-Psyched for T4???

It looks like Christian Bale is in for yet another summer blockbuster. Director McG was on-hand at ComicCon to hype up Terminator Salvation, which hits theaters in May 2009. He’s not giving much away, but he does hint that Arnold Schwarzenegger may make an appearance, and that the movie is likely to have an R rating. They’re still filming in New Mexico, but they’ve already released some teasers (see above). Looks awesome already!

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  • I’m not a fan of the gravelly American accent he puts on here and in Batman… it just seems so contrived, like he’s trying really hard to be a tough guy. His American Psycho American accent was much better. :-(

  • down unda, i dont know about here, but in batman, the gravelly voice was only when he was in the suit, because he had a voice-changing headset in the mask.

  • If it doesn’t have Schwarzenegger then I’m not that interested. He is the Terminator. Also, since McG is directing it it will probably be a piece of shit like pretty much everything else he’s directed has been. For Christ’s sake… he calls himself McG.

  • I was excited until I learned the director was McG who directed other such epics as the TV pilot of “Chuck” and the fantastically shitty Charlie’s Angels movies.

    He should have stuck to music videos where he belongs.

    Hell, they should have picked Ewe Boll before this guy.

  • Well, I hope its not a bad movie..
    But since it has Christian Bale, Ill make damn sure
    to go and enjoy that pretty mouth of him!! lol (^_^)

  • ummm, I just saw Dark Knight and I’ve got a total crush on this guy now. I cannot wait for T4 to come out. It may be time to move over as my #1 crush, shia