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Hottie San Fran Mayor Remarries (Sad Face!)

I’ve kind of had a crush on San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom ever since he was all over the news for legalizing gay marriage there (which lasted like two days, but really got the ball rolling). I think he’s hot and awesome, and I’m kind of bummed to hear that he remarried on Saturday. His new bride is Jennifer Siebel, who’s apparently an actress, but not anyone you’ve heard of.

Gavin divorced his first wife, Kimberly Guilfoyle, in March 2006. He later admitted to having had an affair with a staff member’s wife and a drinking problem. And because I have a soft spot for the bad boys, this somehow makes him even more attractive to me. All he’s missing in my book is a stint in jail. I’m so disturbed.

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  • Jennifer Siebel, this one has some of the most interesting baggage – it’s epic actually. She’s really hated in the SF social scene, and she tried to sleep her way to a hollywood career. Clooney nailed her when he was in his starlets in limo’s bj’s on the way to dinner phase. Gavin’s making a run for Govenator of CA and needs to look settled, and of course has a wake of huge scandals in the last couple of years himself. But God we love him as mayor anyway.

  • He’s a womanizing attention whore who will do anything if it’ll get someone talking about him. He’ll be governor over my dead body.

  • Oh, she’s a Stanford graduate – she’s extremely intelligent and she’s got a really interesting story. With her you do not want to pick it up and look at what’s underneath, if you catch my drift. Gavin was never hurt by any of the things he’s done, he’s just hugely loved, and he’s done a great job, so here’s to surviving. He will make a great Govenator, regardless of his flaws. You always have to look at the big picture.

  • He’s loved in San Francisco. When you leave that self-important little bubble, his popularity drops off, especially in the rest of NorCal. He’s not going to be a governor, and he certainly won’t be the Governator, which is a title reserved for Arnold–The Terminator. I’m looking at the big picture, and in this big picture, I don’t want to see a womanizing presswhore as governor. Ex-womanizer, ex-presswhore, who has put some/most of that behind him? Sure. That’s not so bad, it’s what we have now. But Gavin Newsom works in SF, and he should stick to SF.

  • California is a state populated with a higher percentage of nitwits than anywhere else. It would not surprise me if this moron would get elected statewide.