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Still Going Strong!

Apparently she hasn’t chucked a cell phone at him yet, because Naomi Campbell was spotted in San Tropez with her new man, Brazilian businessman Marcus Elias.

I keep wanting to call this guy Marcus Aurelius. I can’t believe I even remember the name Marcus Aurelius. My ninth-grade history teacher deserves a medal (she also didn’t believe in shaving her legs, and she wore tank-tops and dresses around fifteen-year-olds all year, and she deserves a medal for that, too). However, I cannot remember what the hell he did. Was he the one with, like, a bunch of tenets that he nailed to a church wall? Ah, no, Wikipedia has reminded me that he was one of the Roman emperors during the Pax Romana. Man, I remember so little from those years of my education. Wanna know the one thing I do remember? Caligula, another emperor during the Pax Romana, was so insane he made his horse priest and consul. That is honestly the one thing I remember from ancient Roman history. And I just checked with Wikipedia, and they remember it too! Hee hee! I remembered something from high school! Clearly I wasn’t high enough that day.

If I were a Roman Emperor, I would make Leo my priest and consul.

I’m rambling, aren’t I?

Anyway. I guess he’s pretty hot. Try not to mangle his pretty face during one of your temper tantrums, Naomi.

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  • Marcus Aurelius freed Russell Crowe in gladiator… he was the guy that was given a wooden sword after a certain amount of bouts that designated him a free man.

    Speaking of Russell Crowe… he’s from NZ, not Australia… which brings me to:

  • P.S. For those of you bitching about Beet, it’s like 2:10 a.m. and she’s posted 4 or 5 posting already. You go Beet! :-)

  • dayummmmmm…with that bad, yak weave and those huge hoofs..girl looks more like a horse than a super model…

  • He is pretty hot. And the guy who nailed the 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenberg was Martin Luther, thus sparking the European Reformation and the birth of Protestantism. I enjoyed History. :-)

  • He probably has the most natural talent of all the Hot Boys. Love him very much. I am a single girl from which is a niche dating service for blacks and whites.

  • I thought of Gladiator too when I saw this..forget history class! I think the guy who freed him was Proximo. Marcus Aurelius was the emperor whose son Comedus (sp?) murdered him. I think. LOL

  • @ Leslie: yeah, I think you are right… I think Proximo was the guy with the wooden sword. That sort of sounds dirty though. :-)

  • Isn’t it interesting how people without an education will go on about it in a public forum. At age 24 and with corporate sponsorship one could just go out and get one, couldn’t one?

    Or there is the valley girl rescue program at>

  • Well enjoyed reading the smart posts it was fun but I love Beet& the ramblings of her life so I’m going 2 get off the subject of the Romans & just say I had a teacher 2 w/ hair on her legs but she would wear panty hose ~ugggg smushed hair spread up in there *shiver*

  • history was fun, but let’s stick the shallow posts and not “out post” one another who “knows about roman history the most” but i am glad to see some smarty pants….

  • Caligula was one of the bloodiest emperors ever
    I guess I remember reading about him getting his sister pregnant
    and then, when she was almost close to birthing
    he opened her womb, cold blooded
    thus killing her and the unborn child
    because there was a prophecy he would be murdered
    by his own offspring
    anyway…this guy is Brazilian
    let’s just do the samba or listen to bossa nova music…
    …it’s more relaxing than going thru the greatness and misery
    of ancient Roman History

  • He really is amazing looking! And, you know, you kind of would have to be pretty in shape to bounce crazy around!

  • Prepare for a nerd rant:
    Caligula never actually made his horse a consul, he just tried to as a way of showing how weak and useless the Senate was. Almost all the emperors hated the senate and did their best to weaken it (somewhat like the president does now). And the stories of incest were most likely just political rumors. Romans made the best gossip (anyone else watch Rome on HBO?); even their myths made their gods sound like a giant soap opera. Anyway, the rumors were probably made because you know, people tend to be angry when their ruler is ruthless, denigrates their religion, and mocks a political system that had been in place for hundreds of years.

    I remember that because of my awesome Latin teacher.