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Malcolm in a Racing Suit

Frankie Muniz and his girlfriend, Elycia Turnbow, attend the Edmonton Indy on Saturday.

I have never liked Frankie Muniz. I disliked him even when he was like eight years old. I found him untalented and annoying, and I have to say that the feeling has only increased with time.

What do people see in this kid???

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  • this is in my hometown in canada! love the indy, but didnt know frankie muniz was there!!???

  • I’ve never been able to sit through an entire episode. He annoys me but he’s crazy rich so I’d totally do him (and swipe his credit cards while he slept).

  • he’s rich!! but he is kind of a shrimp. hmmmm…poor boy—at least in that way. and no…he’s not that attractive. except for the fact that he’s rich. ;)

  • It freaks me out that he’s an adult now and doing that girl. He’ll forever be 13 in my eyes.

    He probably has 25 different sexually transmitted diseases by now.

  • What is she, like, 30? This just grosses me out… She has boobs! That (in my mind) makes her too old for him! ha!

  • He has that “Boy Next Door Quality” and it comes across as self-effacing onscreen. She looks like a young, dimpled, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  • I only liked him in Malcolm in the Middle, but just don’t see him as a movie actor. Child actor in some things, MAYBE, but that’s it. In Stay Alive, he killed it for me.

    But supposedly, (chalk it up to internet gossip) he confirmed he had Lou Gehrig’s Disease and was in the early stages like he can’t move some of his fingers. Maybe he’s still around out of pity.

  • He is quite odd looking but i heard from a girl who hooked with him in LA few years ago hes seriously hung, like over 7 inches and faster in bed than on the race track sadly!!

  • Why are so many of you against him? He played a character in “Malcolm in the Middle”, he has grown up and is not the “Malcolm” that was. He seems to be pursueing his ‘hobby’ of car racing and if he has found a girlfriend then good luck to him.

  • I had the chance to interview him last month for an article I’m doing. I can say, he’s a really nice kid and is one of the youngest people I’ve met who has his head screwed on straight. Elycia is also extremely nice, polite and down to earth. To be honest, I don’t know Frankie knows what all the fuss is about. I think he’d rather fall into obscurity. But, he’s pretty much retired from acting now and is a full-time Indy car driver.

    I was impressed with him, to say the least, and would never paint him as a snob. He also lives a clean life and any parent would be proud to have him as a son.

  • I’ve talked to him a couple of times from Myspace and he is EXTREMELY nice, very down to earth. He takes time out for anyone, he just likes doing what he’s doing now.

    You can’t just look at someone and think of how rude and stuck up they are because he is nothing like that. He’s actually very good at racing and just like ANY of us who is good at something, you’d brag about it too. You’d brag and boast about anything that makes you happy.

    And it’s sickening to see how shallow people are. Sure, you’d do him because he has money but do you think he’s desperate enough to do you? No.

    Have some friggin respect, people.

  • I think you’re just jealous of Frankie.
    He is the nicest person on this planet. Actually I know nobody as nice as him!
    He has talent, sain values, sain life, he’s honest, humble, true to himself and to his fans!
    This boy is an angel!!!
    Don’t be so rude with him, it is unfair!! I f you don’t like him, just keep your mouth shut.

  • youu all say that youu wuld do him for his money but rlly your just a slag then!!!! he is proberly a rlly nice guy dont judge a book by his cover plus if youu think that he is that horrible then why look him up on the internet youu freaks youu need to get a life nd stop talking bout him cuz youu dont know him nd your just jelous of his fame cuz youu want it!!!!!!!!!! i think that he is an alrite guy………so if i waz him i wuld just ignore all youze people !!!!!!!!