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“Everyone loses their shit on occasions, don’t they? Like, ‘Oh God, what demon possessed me to do that?’ My wife gets to live with a variety of men. Some of them she likes, some of them she doesn’t. There are ones people like and others that they say, ‘Man we’re glad you’re finished with that project. You were an asshole’.”

Christian Bale, in an interview prior to the release of The Dark Knight.

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  • They’re reporting in England that his mum and sister turned up demanding £100,000 to help bring up her 3 kids. When he refused they got nasty and started abusing his wife – that’s when the full argument and alleged ‘shoving’ started.

    It looks like the Carnie folk just wanted to get their small hands on his money, and then try and make a fortune selling their sob story to the papers (which will undoubtably happen once the police throw out this ridiculous case!).

    I feel so sorry for him – you can’t choose your family!

  • Since he was playing a “multiple personality character” in the Prestige (I don’t want to give away the ending to those who might not have seen it), that’s kind of a creepy quote to hear him say.

    Err…let’s just hope nothing happens to his wife like what happened in the movie. Awkward.

  • I love it that he isn’t acting like he’s the victim of being anything other than an asshole. Honesty is so refreshing.

  • A fresh and original thought – love the phrasing.

    Bravo to him for expressing this in an intelligent manner.

  • if what i’ve read about his mother is true then she needed to be pushed. hard.

  • I agree with fartface. I’m sick of peeps’ need to keep their reputation glimmering clean. No one is like that and no one buys it. People have flaws and when they admitt to them the whole world just moves on. But when there’s spin and backpeddling and politically correct BS spewed then no one lets it go and it just gets bigger and louder. Like Lilly Allen…. just admitt you got hammered and regret it…. instead of having your PR person come out and deny. I would even say leave out the regret it part and just admit.

  • BLA

    He wasn’t playing a multiple personality character, go back and watch the movie, he had a twin.

  • whats with his wife’s super cuts hair and forever 21 dress? you’re the wife of BATMAN, get your sht together!