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Dustin Diamond to Write Saved by the Bell Tell-All

Ohhhhhhhhhhh hells yes!!!!

A very bright spot in a looooong week of boring, boring news.

Dustin Diamond, aka Screech Powers, is going to publish a tell-all about life behind the scenes at Saved by the Bell. The book is called Behind the Bell, and promises to detail “sexual escapades among cast members, drug use, and hardcore partying.”

You know he’s just bitter because none of these “sexual escapades” involved him.


I will read this book the second it hits shelves.

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  • I will definitely be buying this. That was my favorite show when I was younger. I was watching it when I was 7.

  • He’s a huge douche bag with an enormous chip on his shoulder-
    I’m not interested in putting any money in his bank account.

  • Can’t freakin’ wait! I absolutely loved this show when I was younger & I still watch it on TBS when I’m up early! ;) ♥ Zack Morris ♥

  • I’d be about as interested in his book, as I would be about a Gilligan’s Island tell all. The guy’s a loser looking for quick money. Go back to school Dustin, get a real job and go away.

  • I’m so torn about this because it’s obvious some crazy things went on behind the scenes and I’m dying to know, but he’s become such an asshole that I hate to give him money in any way….

    I’m sure I’ll still buy it though….

  • ahhhh….the Gilligan`s Island tell all , eh?
    Ginger,Mary Ann,Mrs Howell and the skipper in a hot tub with a keg!….. now that`s the kind of smut I`m talkin` about!!

  • He tries to be such a bad ass now. So Funny. Did anyone see him on that celebrity fat show? In one of the first episodes when they called him screech he was sooo pissed off. It’s sad that Zack Morris didn’t become a bigger star and that screech is actually getting all this undue attention. Beet, you should start a “Bring Zack back” campaign

  • I don’t want to read something like that. Well, I kind of do, but I won’t be buying it. Forget giving him any money for something like that, or any money for anything!

  • I am horriffied by what has become of MR. DUSTIN DIAMOND since his SBTB days-I met this gentlemen 17 1/2 years ago at a celebrity benefit show in Santa Rosa California and he was no then like he is now-when I met him he was nice,polite,sweet, and funny and I look at him now years later and this is not the same person I met 17 1/2 years ago-I don’t know what happened to him but I just feel sorry,he has become a royal jerk to put it nicely. I saw him on Celebrity Fit Club and could not believe this was the same guy from over 17 years ago. He deserves to be excluded from the SBTB REUNION,they made him and now this is how he thanks them? by making up dirt on them just to make a little dough and get a little attention all because he is flat broke and needs a little cash? pathetic-very pathetic and very immature-why doesn’t he try getting a real job for a change. GROW UP DUSTIN! I’D SAY MR. DIAMOND IS A VERY BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. I WILL NOT BE BUYING NOR READING MR. DIAMOND’S BOOK-I CAN PRETTY MUCH SEE THE CAST ON T.V. AND KNOW WHAT IS AND ISN’T TRUE AND WHOSE LYING AND WHOSE TELLING THE TRUTH. VERY SAD DUSTIN,VERY SAD.