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Meet the McConaughey Baby!!!

Here’s a first look at Levi Alves McConaughey on the cover of OK! magazine.


He looks just like … a baby!!!

I have never understood why these photos go for so much money. You can’t tell a thing about the kid at this age. They all just look like generic tiny babies. You can’t tell who he looks like or if he’s gonna be a hottie or anything. I think pics of the babies at, like, age three should go for more than the newborn shots.

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  • seriously. who cares!? i cannot care LESS about what these celebabies (like that?) look like. it’s the dumbest fascination. i only give a crap when they get into their teens and start partying and rehabbing. that’s when they get interesting!

  • I like babies
    they are not all alike
    some are not so cute
    I disagree about the “generic” concept of a baby
    when my kids were born I could immediately tell who they looked like
    which features resembled mine or their daddy’s
    I dare say, although the pic’s quality is not so good
    he looks more like Matthew than the mother

  • I wish he was looking at the baby and/or Camila in this pic. There’s something a little camera-whorish about it. And rarely do I criticize MM, stinky pits notwithstanding.

  • i second your comments, kelly. it so creepy that he’s totally ignoring the baby, and is sending out “ladies, get some of this” vibes to the camera. yuck!