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Certified Star!

Christian Bale may be back on our radar big time with the astounding success of The Dark Knight, but, in the second major tragedy of the day, the hottie British actor is way, way off the market.

He’s been married for over eight years to Sandra Blazic, who was once Winona Ryder’s personal assistant. And to make the homewrecking even more difficult, they have an adorable three-year-old daughter, Emmeline, who Christian was carrying around at LAX on Saturday.

Dude, that little girl has an actress’s eyes. I’m calling it right now. She’ll be on the big screen in no time at all.

[Image via Splash]

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  • A little info from Down Under, he’s sporting a South Sydney Rabbitohs rugby sweatshirt. That’s Russell Crowe’s (a Kiwi, NOT an Aussie) team (he’s part owner).

    By the way, Christian Bale is one of the kick ass actors of our day… did you see him in The Machinist? He starved himself for weeks and weighed just over 100 lbs when they filmed it!

  • OK… just re-read my comment and that last paragraph sounds kinda gay.
    Can we go back to talking about Jennifer Garner’s uterus please?! :-)

  • Jesus, I love him so much. He is just so fucking hot, it is ridiculous. I have liked him since the first time I saw him in ‘Newsies’ & that came out in 92…I was 8!!!!!! I had good taste even then! ;) He is great in everything he’s been in-‘American Psycho’ is my FAVE! Yum Yum! ♥

    @ Mercedes-I am right there w/ you! :)

  • Emmeline? Seriously?
    That’s the name I want to give my future daughter!

    Obviously he should dump his wife and marry me.

  • I think the REAL job in hollywood everyone should want is assistant. All i hear about is actors marrying other actors assistants. Daym

  • i too have loved christian since “newsies”! great actor, & i also admire the way he is so private. no photos of his wedding, and they didn’t realease photos of emmeline when she was born. in fact, they didn’t even release her name. in interviews he would just say “my daughter.” love that. and of course it just makes him hotter.

  • Beet predictions…. is there some way to see how many times you have correctly predicted things..? I would think a list of hits and misses would be interesting…

  • Ashley – me too! That is when I learned that he has the same birthday as me and his favourite movie is Rumblefish. How I can remember that from over 15 years ago but I can’t remember what I was doing at work last week is beyond me.

    Donkey Punch – Aahaahahahaha!!! Best comment ever!

  • I am just another bitch that slows down on the highway the minute I sniff the burned rubber…the crash will be ahead and I am that sort of person.