MORE Photos of Sienna Miller Topless!!

Add ’em to the collection!

This girl just LOVES being naked.

You know she’s aware she’s being photographed at this point. She’s totally loving it. Which would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that her partner in crime is the married father of four. Like, we get it, Sienna, he’s separated and all, but do you really have to flaunt it? The guy has young kids.

Uncensored photos are after the jump.

Update: Photos removed on request.


  1. Jamie says:

    Its kinda cool that she just doesn’t give a flying fuck. Her boobs are so small though that I don’t think they’re anything to flaunt.

  2. imustsay says:

    that looks hella fun.

  3. Church Lady says:

    If he has four kids, I’m sure at least one of them has seen this. Tacky.

  4. str says:

    Beet, pl remove that link, it’s not a safe site, my antivirus pogram went haywire on it

  5. jemms says:

    they are both skanks. the dude should be ashamed. cheaters never prosper. and i want to hate sienna, but she is not marrried. but karma is a heavy price to pay if and when she will marry and have children.

  6. ribbet says:

    I’m conflicted about whom I should dislike more.

    Usually, I would automatically dislike the cheating husband/ father more because he is the one who is breaking promises to his family. BTW, he should totally win Father of the Year!

    You are so right Church Lady, at least one of his kids is old enough to have seen this.

    But, Sienna knows what it is like to be cheated on and is really not showing any empathy. Imagine being the wife and eventually having to let your children meet this woman. UGH!

    So, who to hate more. It might be a tie!

  7. Roma says:

    Okay okay, I know it’s a very bad thing that she’s doing.

    But I LOVE the picture of him squishing her boobies. It just looks like fun.

  8. me says:

    remember when kate moss fans used to hate her because they believed she was copying kate’s style? i wonder if they’ll start up with that again since kate moss loves being topless as well..

  9. Eyes of Green says:

    Ribbet – I agree. I just have nothing to say to a woman who is KNOWINGLY involved with a married man with kids who is NOT divorced. And him, with his lying a$$ a few weeks ago saying Oh no, nothings going on…and then suddenly we now know everything they are doing because the paps are all over them. Ick. They have equal parts of my disdain. Scumbags.

  10. Mercedes says:

    You know what? Kill me for saying this, but my respect for Sienna has absolutely quadrupled after this. I mean look these pictures, and he’s just squeezing her boobies and they’re having so much fun. I’m really sorry, but I totally love it and hope they’re having fun. Maybe they’ll invite me to a 3-way later on :P

  11. Mark says:

    Looks pretty good to me…

  12. gia says:

    call me a prude, but why dont they just freakin have sex right there??
    so wrong! some canoodling is appropriate, but not when there is nudity involved, i think some things should be kept private.

  13. Jinxy McDeath says:

    Dirtbags, and the backlash is going to kill them in the US, not in Europe it’s kind of done over there. Why did he go to the exact place his wife was hiding out with the kids? That’s really ick.

  14. jk says:

    There’s nothing wrong with her being topless. She’s skinny with small breasts but she’s certainly attractive. I do agree, however, that it’s extremely tacky to be so available to photogs given the complications of their relationship. He’s separated but still married and he has four kids. Of course he’s the main douchebag, but Sienna, have some self-respect. You just come across as an unfeeling, self-centered bitch.

  15. Dingle says:

    Is it just me or are they rolling around on little pebbles in one picture. They may or may not be drunk. I only strip naked in public and roll on the ground when I am.

  16. wileEcoyote says:

    ta , Beet ;)

  17. Asta says:

    Well, it WOULD be private, Gia, if they didn’t have paps all over them!

  18. onocean says:

    Never understood the Sienna Miller appeal. Sorry.

  19. Sarah says:

    Wow – part of me blames the photogs for taking pictures of people in their private moments – but I think as Beet said, it’s obvious that she knew they were there – and they could be on a public beach. Sure, I’m sure they are having a blast, but it is tacky, and he does have kids – and you just can’t make that not true. And if some guy were nibbling on his girl’s nips next to me on the beach I would not appreciate it. But then, I am a girl, I’d rather go back to my room with my boyfriend than watch some guy acting like a horny old creep. Guys probably like that. If I saw that I would be tempted to make fun of them for doing it, “Are you thirsty dude?”