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Balthazar Getty’s Wife “Humiliated” by His Affair with Sienna Miller

If you can believe it, the wife of billionaire Balthazar Getty is less than thrilled that he’s taken up with Sienna Miller, frolicking around naked with the starlet every chance he gets.

“It’s humiliating,” a friend of his wife says. “Rosetta left the country to protect the kids, and he continues to see Sienna publicly.”

The couple were married in 2000, and have four kids together. The youngest is 10 months old.


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  • As much as I don’t blame Sienna for this guy’s infidelity it baffles me that she’s allowing herself to be photographed this way with him. It’s like she’s begging for home wrecker status.

  • I think Mimi nailed it! And Raye makes a point. Sienna Miller has to realize that one day she will have a daughter.
    Balthazar Getty is a jerk. I hope he has millions so that his soon-to-be-ex can take half!

  • Has he not heard of the word “descretion”? Sienna is still trying to get Jude Law to notice her existance. Move on, sweetie. He has.

  • Sienna needs therapy. She has Daddy issues. As for this guy, he’s a jackass. Oh and whatever happened to his career?

  • I honestly don’t consider Angelina a home wrecker. She’s too classy to pull this type of shit, maybe it’s the age difference but I don’t think it’s in the same league. Brad Pitt didn’t have any kids and they didn’t flaunt it this way. You can’t help falling in and out of love but you can behave better than this.

  • I really used to like Balthezar, but I have lost all respect for him!.. Sienna or not he is still cheating!. And Sienna,..oh, girl wheres your self respect?.. Is she that hard up for publicity?..that ANY thing she gets into the papers for, gets her into the papers?….wow. what an absolute tramp.. OH, have any of these guys that she sleeps around with been tested lately?.. everytime she leaves her apartment, the STD percentage rises in the WORLD!….
    Raye: Classy or not, you can still be a homewrecker.. Princess-I-Can-do-no-wrong-Angelina, is NO exception. sorry.

  • I agree with pretty much everything being stated thus far. Angelina did do it, not to the same degree, because she did practice a little discretion, but because someone stabs someone from behind instead of head on doesn’t really make a difference. However, it was different. This is just the trashiest of the trashiest. I’m all about female empowerment, and being liberated, but since when do we step on one another this way. HE is the true criminal in this picture, because he broke HIS vows, Sienna didn’t break them for him. She is still to blame for messing with a MARRIED father, but he still broke his wife’s heart, and his children will have to live with this for the rest of their lives. C’mon a friggin 10 mo old???? I never understood how people have these kids and abandon them almost immediately. Bearing financial responsibility is not the same as being THERE for the kids–emotionally, etc…

  • when did Balthazar Getty become a billionaire? and how? i was wondering why sienna miller was with Balthazar Getty, of all people. now i know why.
    she’s a skankkkkkkkk

  • His wife and children do not deserve this.. his wife put everything into their marriage, even letting her company suffer. She helped carry him while he struggled to be an actor, and now that he has some small piece of career he does this. You’re a jerk Balt, and karma is a *****.