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Seth MacFarlane and Amanda Bynes???

Hot new Hollywood couple alert!

I’m rarely jealous of any Hollywood pairing, but whoever lands Seth MacFarlane is an object of my envy. The Family Guy creator, 34, was spotted joined at the hip with Amanda Bynes, 22, at the Fox summer press tour event in Santa Monica. E!’s Kristin Veitch seems unsure as to whether the duo is dating, but another blogger at the event had this to say:

Seth is normally accessible at these functions. But after only a couple of minutes — literally because I have the timer recording to prove it — Amanda was having none of it. She walked away from his side and started strolling the party without him. Seth smiled, apologized and announced his date was getting away from him. So he exited the interview quickly and went running after her.

Yes, Seth may have it going on with other aspects of his life. But with women? Well, he’s still working on that one.

Amanda’s done an episode of Family Guy, so that’s probably where they met. Cute couple? I guess so. I’d rather see him with Amanda than with Paris Hilton or some shit. But I’d still be happiest seeing him with me.

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  • we of the ‘cartoonist brotherhood’ worship you ‘O Lord Seth’…..
    …oh…and when you`re dating…united we say “the trashier and skankier…the better” (we simply love juice!!)
    PS:……and Seth,if you wanna date Beet , that`s cool….cos she`s cool. :)

  • Seth, Seth, Seth, you seem like a really nice guy. Beauty fades, why not find yourself a girl who is more compatible? Amanda seems a tad indifferent- that gets old real fast.

  • Amanda Bynes is more than beautiful SHES 22 PEOPLE. the only man more than 10 years older, that a younger soul should be with is George Clooney and i stand by that rule.

  • Seth, Seth, Seth.

    Never run after Amanda Bynes. When a 22 year old acts like she’s 15, just start talking to the nearest hot girl. They’re a dime a dozen for a freakishly wealthy guy.

  • i always wondered what kind of a girl it would take to land a guy like seth mcfarlane. i wonder what it is about amanda bynes that he is so taken by.

  • My brother has a pretty well thought out theory that Seth MacFarlane is a big time misogynist and likely a homophobe as well. We’re both big fans of Family Guy but the way the female characters are written… I think my brother has a point.

  • All these 30 something guys chasing much younger women is giving me a complex about turning 30.

  • Maybe I’m reading this wrong but couldn’t it just be that he was socializing with people she just wasn’t interested in and decided to move on. I would think he would be relieved to be with someone who is relatively independent and can entertain herself.

  • He’s 34… she’s 22 … He’s probably only looking for a ”good time” … ;) like.. really.

  • Hey now, I’m barely 20 dating a man 10 years my senior. It was all about fun at first but 9 months later we’re still together and going strong. Age doesn’t really have to do with a relationship it how the people act.
    However, she seems kinda rude or distant walking away from him at that event, like the was ignoring him or trying to get some space.

  • I say you go for it Seth MacFarlane!!! The younger the better until you have to meet their parents!:)

  • Seth Macfarlane is sexy!!!

    He’s like Johnny Depp; sure he’s old but do we care!?

    Yeah I guess that was childish of Amanda, if she said yes when he asked her on a date then why run away like a self concious teen?

    I heart Seth…

  • Seth is a misogynist, BIG TIME and there’s a chance that he is gay as well.
    He complains that women aren’t ‘clever’ and yet he always goes out with models etc so he can feel good about himself.
    His frail ego wouldn’t stand a proper woman , WOMAN not an 22 year old naive girl, she would shred him into pieces.