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Repeat Offender!

What is Gina Gershon thinking???

It was nearly a full year ago that I reprimanded her for wearing this god-awful dress to a red-carpet event.

And now she’s in it again! On ANOTHER red carpet! With a COWBOY HAT! A freakin’ YEAR LATER!!!

Oh, Gina. Will you never learn? This is such a faux-pas on so many levels.

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  • oh gosh, I kinda like her loose hippie… dress(?), and her man’s simple t-shirt and jeans, but the leather boots, cow boy hats and leather bag just makes me shiver. The asian style dress(?) does not go well with the western style and it really clashes. I live in TN (tennessee) and i see hillbillys all over the place, but at least they keep to one theme.

    THE point>>

  • that would be green carpet. right? dress is cute on a “I am from the beach kind of day and I am keeping it casual…” lose the boots.

  • i followed gina gershon around l.a. once when she was shopping. she is fucking hot and i would be glad to watch her walk around l.a. in whatever she fucking chooses. she’s one of those chicks that would just be better off if she’d just shut the fuck up and open her legs, and show off her pouty lips. oh yeah, i heard she did bill clinton too. now that’s just puredee nasty!

  • Everything in this picture clashes.

    What’s up with her boyfriend? Guess he’s just trying to see how dressed down he could be before they won’t let him in.