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Apparently La Lohan was quite upset on the set of Labor Pains today, because a little after she arrived, some asshole disguised as a paparazzo tried to serve her with papers regarding Samantha Ronson’s ongoing back-and-forth lawsuits with the lawyer she used to sue Perez Hilton (long story, and most of the key parties involved aren’t quite sure they understand it, either).

“She refused to take the papers, and they fell to the ground,” said an eyewitness. “She pulled her arm away, and her bodyguard grabbed the subpoena server’s arm.”

After refusing to take the papers, which were left on the ground, Lindsay simply walked back to her trailer, telling actual paparazzi nearby that “it’s not my lawsuit.”

Um … WTF? Why was this guy dressed up as a paparazzo? To trick Lindsay into taking the papers? Wow, just imagine the brainstorming session that went into that one. I mean, honestly, a bunch of lawyers sat around a conference room and said to each other, “I think the best way to trick Lindsay Lohan into taking these papers is to have a guy dress up like a photographer.” ACTUAL BILLABLE HOURS, people!

Anyway, Lindsay apparently moped around the set for awhile, until girlfriend Samantha Ronson showed up to put a smile on her face.

Samantha Ronson is the new cocaine!

And now, for no reason in particular other than that I just thought of it, I’m including a clip of Tori Amos’s “She’s Your Cocaine,” which rocks.

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  • Just want to point out that Samantha Ronson doesn’t seem to be a “sneakerhead” in this photo as she’s rocking some dirty Chucks… and her posture is still somewhere between Chaka from Land of the Lost and Lucy from the Oldowon Gorge.

    By the way Beet, how’s the foot? (I know somebody asked you earlier, but I thought I’d second the query.)

  • The foot is actually doing quite well, thank you for asking. I’m out of the stupid boot — against doctor’s orders, mind you, but it just wasn’t hurting that badly anymore and I hated the boot. It still kind of aches when I walk on it, and I’m avoiding any high-impact activity, of course, but generally it’s doing a LOT better!!!

  • Good to hear! So, pursuant to doctor’s orders you’ll be spending a lot of time poolside on a lounge chair with a beer/wine/cocktail in hand!! :-) Ha ha. Take care and don’t re-fracture it…. and drink more milk.

    (Do they even have pools in Seattle??? I hear it rains there everyday.:-( )

    P.S. Although very funny and filthy rich, isn’t MacFarlane a little rotund for you? (OK, the two Fs… I get it.) :-)

  • Thanks for the update on the foot Beet! Gald to hear things are better!
    Down Unda, sorry but I have no idea who or what it is that you are refering to. I don’t think Sam’s walk looks as ape-ish as usual though.
    And I love that she’s rockin some dirty Chucks because that’s how I roll too & it makes me feel just a touch less mom-ish :-)

  • Just to be a helpful nerd – process isn’t served by lawyers, but rather by separate process servers, whose job it is to figure out how to catch you and serve you with the papers. So no thankfully no billables accrue in these sorts of brainstorming sessions.

    p.s. I read the ‘beet when I should be studying for the bar exam I’m taking 2 weeks from today…

  • Look at you being all helpful :-)
    I remember those comments, but I don’t know what you are talking about when you say ‘her posture is still somewhere between Chaka from Land of the Lost and Lucy from the Oldowon Gorge’?

  • She’s always so rounded shouldered and hunched over…

    Chaka was a neanderthal boy (or girl) that lived at the base of a waterfall. On Land of the Lost the Marsall family took a river raft over the waterfall and were stuck in prehistoric times fighting dinosaurs and Sleestacks, alien invaders mining crystals… anyhow, Chaka’s posture was all hosed up.

    Lucy was a australopithecus afarensis fossil from 2.5 million years ago found at the Oldowon Gorge. Presumably, her posture would be hosed.

    Yeah, I don’t know why I remember this crap…

  • what a cool clip….and oh so full of super duper babes.
    ..and praise be to the Lord that the clip ain`t tainted by the two skanks occupying the start of the blog !!

  • The paps don’t have uniforms. All of them look, act and behave differently. I am not even sure what the hell it means. I can only imagine what a cluster fuck it is if it has anything to do with Stinky Perez, the male hot topic designer *snickers loudly* You can’t serve a non participant in an action, you need to serve the person or their attorney of record. All of this sounds hinkey actually..

  • @sarah:

    Ha ha, thanks! As I’m fond of saying, I dropped out of law school three years short of a JD. ;)

  • Finding ur site months ago what I like about u Beet is that u read&respond 2 ur posts I think that’s really great. <3 U.

  • @ Jasmine… thanks, I think. I don’t know if having an encyclopedic memory of Seals & Krofft is considered “good” though! :-)

  • I actually had the original version of SamRo’s shirt from the Rolling Stones Steel Wheels Tour of 1990…so now I hope they both make it cuz that shirt is badass and the pic just gave a wave of good nostalgia.

  • looking at this picture, i understand with lindsey’s leggings had knee pads! yikes!

    good luck on the bar sarah.