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OMG The Lindsay Lohan Leggings Are HERE!!!!

I can’t believe there hasn’t been more publicity around this. A reader tipped me off (thanks Kristen!) that the new line of Lindsay Lohan leggings is available now at ShopIntuition.

There are four items available. The line is called 6126, which I guess is Marilyn Monroe’s birthday. The leggings shown above are called “Mr. President” and they retail for — wait for it — $132!!!!


Do they come with an actual PRESIDENT???

I think it would have been better if she’d just sold this particular pair of leggings as the “Monica Lewinskys.” I might have paid $132 for them then. Oh, wait, no. I still totally wouldn’t.

In fact, all the leggings in the line retail around or above $100, except for the leopard ankle gloves, which are going for a mere $42.

Is anyone actually going to buy this shit at these prices???

Aren’t leggings kind of on their way out anyway???

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  • It doesn’t matter whether they are on the way out or not, people will still buy them because Whorehan’s name is attached. She saw a money-making opportunity and jumped on it. Smart! Yet of course I’m still lmao at their hideousness.

  • There are women out there who don’t want a pair of leggings with built-in knee pads for all the time they spend on their knees?

  • they have padding in the knee and you know what 6126 adds up to? Yup, 69.

    Ahh, Lohan – even when you seem to be trying to do something normal, you still find a way to skanktify it.

  • Omg, Those are the fucking most hideous things Ive ever seen. I bitched when I spend 10 dollars on leggings at walmart. Fucking a

  • they’ll be on for 90% off retail in no time…..and people still won’t buy them.

  • Whoa :|
    Expensive, no?
    At which audience are these aimed at exactly? Teens? What teenager has that kind of money to spend on leggings, apart from celebs?

  • are the knee pads for oral in the oval office? interesting. these are too damn expensive for their uglyness.

  • Those are quite possibly the most hideous things I’ve ever seen.

    Oh, and exactly how much time do you have to spend on your knees to need actual kneepads on a pair of leggings?

  • “Do they come with an actual PRESIDENT???” hahahaha lol.

    despite all the reasons i can think of that makes this line of leggings the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard of, i’m pretty sure there are girls out there with a lot of daddy’s money who will go out and buy them.

  • Yeah, I think she’s about a year too late coming out with these… I’m sure they will slowly disappear and go away.

  • Hmph, and here I was, thinking that the moderately-less-expensive and still as hideous leggings at American Apparel were a rip-off.

  • Okay, seriously, what exactly are those leopard things? Is that like, I want to wear socks because my feet will get cold but I don’t want to wear socks because it would just look trashy with this dress so, HEY! I’ll just cut the toes out of those ugly leopard socks Aunt Judy gave me! Great idea!! WTF?

  • There’s some new cute photos of LiLo with Ronson — headlock hugging. So cute, it makes me forget these leggings…

  • im guessing with all the time LiLo spends on her knees, doing stuff, that she just needed to make a pair with knee pads.

  • i like the ankle ones. funny, lindsay ha a legging line with all these over the top, gaudy styles, yet she only wears the plain, black ones. even she has more sense than to wear these things.

  • what? no fire crotch style? talk about a missed opportunity. you know, there could be flames strategically placed…yeah, i know, but it’s still better than those stupid ass looking leg warmers.

  • YEAH, Donkey Punch! What Dmarie said!

    Recently a guy was hitting on me, and he tossed in this super line: “Your skin is beautiful, what a complexion. Like… alabaster! Do you have to wear like SPF 80?” Winner.

  • P.S. I love how, in that first picture, there’s almost a cameltoe, EVEN THOUGH the mannequin does not even have a vagina.

  • No mather how much it costs, I’m definitely buying these knee pads for my girlfriend: the poor thing spends several hours on her knees every evening. Anyway, they can keep those hideous panties that come along…mmm… maybe I’ll just buy kneepads in a sports shop after all, much cheaper I guess:p