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No Time for Makeup! Too Busy Drinking!

This new set of photos of Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong makes me very happy. Mostly because Kate seems to be acting and looking like a regular person. She’s not wearing a ton of makeup, her hair isn’t really styled, and she’s not in camera-ready mode. And she’s still a very pretty girl, but she looks human. She looks like a normal, pretty girl and not like a starlet. She looks — dare I say it? — imperfect. And it makes me feel better about myself, because maybe if I had a full-time hair and makeup team before I went to events I could look like a starlet too. Not saying I’m as pretty as Kate — I am fully aware that I am not — but something about these photos just makes me feel more okay about being a mere mortal. Celebrities: they’re mortals, too!

Oh, and to make matters even better? Alfonso Ribeiro was there! I’m always so happy when Carlton is anywhere with photographers. I love Carlton.

At the American Century Championship Golf Tournament in Lake Tahoe.

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  • I think she actually looks better this way. I always thought she was pretty, she doesn’t need all that make up.

  • The only time I ever see her with makeup is at awards shows, red carpets, etc. I think the norm for her is no makeup. I love that about her, too.

  • Kate Hudson is super hot when she’s not trying to show her non-existent cleavage. She is one of the prettiest celebs out there…

  • One morning, I once showed up to some event and I was extreeeeemly hungover and some young, cute guy told me I reminded him of Kate Hudson. So I blew him and paid for his university tuition. That’s what you do, right?

  • Considering school tuitions, I just balled up a grocery bag and tried to use that for comfort. It made better financial sense and also, I think, appeared a little more dignifying.

  • What I love is that Lance is holding her drink in many of them. What a gentleman. Actually, I never thought of him as a gentleman due to the number of skinny blondes that he cereal dates, but now, maybe I do. Or is it that he is merrily getting her drunk so that she is a sure thang? Oh I cant decide