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Meeting the Parents!

Look who’s headed off to lunch with Goldie Hawn!

It’s Kate Hudson and beau Lance Armstrong. They met up with Goldie for lunch at Ivy at the Shore this afternoon.

OMG these two are gonna get engaged in like two weeks.

[Image via Splash]

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  • Chelsea (hope I got it right) had a good joke about Lance she said *Boy that ball sure gets around.* Jaja

  • could that dress be any more unflattering? her chest looks like a 10 yr old boy. kudos to her for not getting a boob job but could she please wear clothes that don’t make us wish she had gotten a boob job???

  • Both of them are horrible people, she’s really so overrated it’s not even funny. You could pick her up by those ears of hers. They both treated they exes like crap, can’t wait to see who shits on who first.

  • Joan, some women think having a flat chest is awesome!

    The girl who’s taking gynexin breast reduction pills and feels good about her chest for the first time since puberty

  • I agree with some others here. I am not a fan of either of them. Not real fond of these celebs who hook up with so many people. Lance left his wife for Sheryl Crow, then they broke up. Kates marriage broke up with Owen Wilson in the picture now they are not together. They go thru lovers like I go thru kleenex.

  • I don’t think Lance left Kik for Sheryl Crow.. they had probs quite some time before he met her… but whatev.
    And Kate here looks like she has pecs, but I LIKE IT. Mercedes, please fill me in on your breast reduction pills? They actually work?

  • Hey Beet, could you bring back my comment that I wrote and that was up here just a while ago? For some reason it disappeared…

  • Kate makes me sick. She is a whore. And he is a man whore since his marriage ended. They deserve each other.