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Supporting Our Troops!

Little Abigail Breslin wears a Marines T-shirt when she arrives to film a spot on David Letterman.


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  • I wish she would cut her hair already. I’m sorry, i know you adore her, but she just irritates me. I think if she had pretty hair, I could tolerate her… Maybe not.

  • I LOVE her hair, and I love that she doesn’t look like Ali Lohan. Aren’t they scarily close to the same age?

  • Yeah, Support The Troops… but military themes on children bother me a little. I know, I know, of all the things on children these days, this is not something to be especially bothered by. Still.

    Anyway when she gets her hair bobbed she can donate it to Locks for Love, or whatever that org. is called. She’ll go from this to super-sophisticated in a blink.

  • Wow! People see a little girl wearing a U.S. Marines t-shirt and automatically conclude she is a brainwashed, sheeple supporter of the current war in Iraq. I don’t really see anything wrong with showing some support of the armed forces. Some should keep in mind that the Marines, along with the other military branches, have provided some tremendous services over the past few hundred years that have resulted in us retaining our current freedom and rights. I really don’t think that wearing a shirt that commemorates them is such an awful thing.