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Allegra Versace: Still Anorexic? Or Just Standing Next to Janet Jackson?

Did that cross a line?

Eh, probably.

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  • I shudder to think what her realtionship with her Tranny mother must be like.

    On the flip side, Janet’s tits look great!

  • Why didn’t either of them do their hair?
    Did they think thats okay?

    “mmm… let’s go to (an obviously) black tie event… and not comb our hair. It will be faboulous!”

    geez! ~.~;

  • HAHA, this post is so funny. whether she’s anorexic or not, she just looks darn unhappy… which is a shame. If my name was something as cool as “Allegra” I would be stoked.

  • what u said is really mean!!!..
    Janet jackson looks really healthy….
    and its sad that allegra is still fighting with her eating desorder..
    ur job is to bring us celebrities news…
    not to trash every single one u see…

  • I think the kid might actually be doing better – notice she’s not hiding under a tent of fabric, as she did when she was real bad.

  • in response to you suck… i think her point was janet jackson is healthy, and obviously quite bosomy, and allegra isn’t.

  • Janet Jackson looks great (a celebrity who weighs more than 105 pounds?!)- that skinnyass chick does not. (ewww to Donatella too, yucko. Its called “aging gracefully” dear)

  • Allegra looks much better than she did sometime ago
    but these issues are like depression or addiction
    there can always be a relapse

  • Still anorexic, but getting better, she nearly died twice. She was the love of Gianni Versace, and he left his entire empire to her, not her mother. She’s just running the company because allegra has so many problems, anorexia being only one of them. It’s a shame – being around impossibly thin models seems to have triggered the disease when she was going through puberty.

  • i am good at eating. i never go longer than 3 hrs without it, except for when sleeping. one of these rich people could pay me to be their “eating companion.”oh but i guess i’d have to make sure they kept it down, too. my price just went up!

  • Janet looks good, that dress is gorgeous! The Versaces look like they REALLY don’t want to be there. Such party poopers.

  • notice how donatella and allegra don’t even hug janet back when she has her arms around them. and since when has it gone out of style to smile? they look extremely pissed off. sucks to be the mega-rich owners of a fashion empire. :(

  • I think Allegra looks better than she did a year ago. You have to feel sorry for her, growing up in a high fashion family certainly can come with a price. Anorexia can take a long time to overcome. I’m just glad that she is out and about and not afraid to show herself to the world.

  • ok seriuosly, have u seen her mother? her and janice dickenson could form a plastic surgery cult. and with a family in fashion, uhh duhh u wanna be skinny

  • Collectively, they look like a tree. Janet would be the trunk and the Versaces would be the twigs. Or branches. Whatever.

    But it’s good that Janet gained a little weight. Now she doesn’t look as much like her brother as she did before.

    Which is, you know, good.

  • Doesn’t Janice look like a woman you would enjoy being close to! Tits are such facinating creatures….

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  • I really feel for Allegra. This picture was taken over a year ago, but we are all aware that she is still struggling with this devastating disease
    gosh help her!!