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Smoochie Smoochie!

Ellen Degeneres and hottie girlfriend Portia de Rossi share a hot on-stage kiss at the Daytime Emmy Awards.


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  • don’t like that kiss, looks so awkward

    plus, hate, hate, HATE those transparent bra straps, you can still see them, for heaven’s sake, and it looks god awful

  • oh the germs floating around
    a kiss is silly enough
    let’s just rub noses instead
    eskimo style

  • transparent bra straps = no good

    but i’m so happy for these two. PdR was hilarious on arrested development.

  • I love Ellen, I love her being with portia.. Yes, maybe there’s a big age difference.. But who cares? They love each other! It’s just so sweet! And cool picture, They are just só hot. :D

  • dude omg it is just a kiss.get over it.dont judge them just bc its to girls.there happy so let them be.i think there cute together and ellen might be old but shes really cute.and yea ima girl who kisses girls to.get over it!!!

  • Ellen looks so cute, I mean she look fine, not old. She always smiles and makes everybody feel fine.
    Who cares about the age ?
    I think they both look so sweet. I admired them.
    Wish them always happy, happy ever after !!!
    Love u – Ellen and Portia.

  • I Love Ellen and I thbink it is great that they are so happy together!! Who cares about age or sex?? If They are Happy, so what?? bless Them both !! Go Ellen !! Go Portia !!