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Mary J. Blige to the Rescue!

Aw, this is a really cute story.

Last week, Blige was at the Diane von Furstenberg store in the Meatpacking District when she overheard a girl having a problem at the register. A spy said, “The girl had a dress on hold that she loved, and the bill was $900. She thought it was only $500, and she couldn’t afford it.” Blige told the saleswoman, “Go get the girl. I want to pay for the balance on the dress.” The customer at first declined Blige’s offer but relented after the singer said, “I know what it’s like to want something and not be able to have it. I insist.” The customer wanted to send her a check for the balance, but Blige said, “Just enjoy it. I’m blessed, so let me do this.”

That’s really sweet of Mary to do, but what I’m confused about is how anyone could think a $900 dress only cost $500. How do you make a mistake like that? Did the “9” on the price tag look like a “5”? Was it accidentally on the sale rack? Wouldn’t she have confirmed the price before putting it on hold? That part seems kind of fishy to me. Maybe the “spy” just misremembered the register problem. Or maybe I need to spend less time analyzing items I read on Page Six.

But regardless, way to be a Good Samaritan, Mary!

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  • Maybe it was on a sale rack or t was near a rack with a sale sign. That’s happened to be me before….but it was for a pair of jeans I thought were $40 but were $70. Salesclerk said someone must have put them on the sale rack where they didn’t belong.

  • That was nice of Mary J, but I can’t really feel sorry for someone who could afford a $500 dress but not a $900 one.

  • My heart is not overly touched by this story and I hardly see it as being a good samaratan. The fact is, this girl was already set to buy a $500 dress. Reality is obviously not a huge issue for this girl. Replace $500 dress with food and rent and girl shopping at Diane van Furstenburg with family about to be evicted and then I’m on board.

  • SARAH! I am so with you… If you cant afford a $900 dress, then you are not even the position of affording a $500 dress. I live in NYC and to you all who do not live here, you would be shocked at what the girls here will give up for a label item. IT’S INSANE!

  • I agree with the above comments. It was nice of Mary to do that, but how much would $400 have helped a soup kitchen, or a homeless shelter?
    Celebrities are delusional.

  • Yeah I’m a bit “o….rly?” about this story because sure it’s nice and all but the “I know what it feels to not have something you want” sentiment would be better spent on those in true need who can’t get A dress, nevermind the ALMOST 1000 DOLLAR DRESS they wanted. Does not compute. The girl could have just found something else that fit into her poverty-stricken $500 dress budget.

  • @Andrea, you made me giggle. “…poverty stricken $500 dress budget.” Heehee.

    I used to work with a girl to which money was no object. One day she was bragging on and on about a $950 dress that she bought for a wedding and only wore for an hour and only wore once. I said something along the lines of, “wow, that much for a dress.” To which she replied, “you know what it’s like, when you fall in love with something.” Yes, yes I do. I have more shoes that I’ll ever need to wear in year, I buy earrings and lipstick by the handful HOWEVER when I see a $950 price tag, I fall out of love pretty quickly. I don’t even hurt for it, it’s just too expensive.

    But Anne is right, in NYC, it’s expensive to keep up.

  • i think it was anice thing for her to do.
    it seems kinda set-up though.
    but how DO you get 500 mixed up with 900??

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