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There Is Nothing Going on So Here’s a Photo of Abigail Breslin

Everyone’s hanging out with their fathers this weekend. This includes publicists, paparazzi and the rest of the media machine, so we don’t have anything much going on.

Here’s Abby Breslin at the premiere of Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. I like this photo because it makes her look about two feet tall.

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  • maybe someone can explain to me why americans dress their kids , especially girls, as corny miniature adults
    even the rich americans do it
    what about the preppy look such as the one developed by Ralph Lauren?
    what about a sporty look as Quicksilver’s Roxy
    why don’t you use it in your young?
    dressed Abigail’s style, the poor girls look like witches,I am sorry to say

  • she looks like an adorable little doll here. it’s like “abigail, american girls’ newest addition: hollywood version comes with an airline bottle of vodka in her purse and a faux ivory cigarette holder”.

  • I saw her on jay leno the other night, she was so adorable! And she seemed really intelligent and grounded for a young actress.

  • Weird things in this photo…

    She does appear to have a huge bobble-head. I mean, her body is 1.3 head widths wide and only 5 heads tall. (A normal 20 year old is 8 heads high and 2 wide.)

    Yet, her arms are in proportion, so she has ape arms with oddly small legs, feet, torso, and hands.

    These are usually a little off when you’re young, but she has the proportions of an almost infant. (Except for her chimp arms.)


    Plus, in judging her distance to the edge of the carpet and the known height of the railing, i’d say the poor bastard behind her (in the green shirt) is right at 5 nothing and she’s around 4 even.

  • “even the rich Americans do it”? I would say they do it *especially*, why would you say “even”?

  • Haven’t you guys noticed how out of proportion everyone looks on the red carpet? The women always look like they have little short legs–it’s the camera angle! And of course it’s going to be more pronounced the shorter the person being photographed. Abigail is a normally-shaped young girl!

  • she could have at least gotten shoes that fit right and she could have ironed her dress :-P