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Vince McMahon Gets Rickrolled

Ah, popular culture, how I love thee.

Check out this fabulous moment during a live WWE broadcast where Vince McMahon, WWE chairman, attempts to call a lucky winner to award him $200,000. He gets a reverse ringtone: Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” And poor old Vince McMahon just can’t make sense of what is happening.

Now, I have given a truly unnecessary amount of thought to whether this guy intentionally rickrolled Vince McMahon. Seriously I have just been playing this clip over and over again for like twenty minutes trying to figure it out. I think the answer is yes. They must talk to these people beforehand to let them know to expect a call and to pick up the phone. This guy must have called one of his buddies like “Holy shit, someone from the WWE is supposed to call me tonight. It might even be that live on-air call to tell me I’ve won all that cash!” and his buddy was like, “Dude. You know what you have to do?” and he was like “What?” and his buddy was like “Rick Astley, dude. Rick. Fucking. Astley.”

Right? No one just rickrolls everyone who calls, right?

Rickrolling: as pointless as the WWE, but somehow way, way cooler.

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  • First ever time commenting – woo! Have been reading the Beet for a couple of years now and thought that i’d only ever attract evil responses as I’m a classic sarcastic Brit – but reading Donkey Punch’s comments gave me hope – irony and sarcasm are welcome here!

    Anyhoo I didn’t even know Rick was famous in the US, is it all just from Rickrolling? I had posters of him all over my bedroom as a kid lol!

  • Shauna-that’s what I was wondering too! I like a good Rickroll & all but to give up the money? Ida know about that!

  • i’d love to agree with you….but i have ‘ringback’ tones on my phone and this might be what we’re talking about here. when anyone calls my phone M-F, instead of ringing they hear ‘straight to video’ by mindless self indulgence. call me on he weekend and you’ll hear ‘working for the weekend’ by loverboy :D

  • ….okay i just watched that again and yeah. that wasn’t a trick, it was just a guy with an AWESOME ringback tone lol

  • Yeah, just a ringback tone!
    The guy answers each time… damn technology.
    Someone could work out the guy’s number from the tones and enjoy the ringback tone endlessly!

  • I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that I love this & I think it’s hilarious.

    And also, Frankie sucks for saying that RickRolling isn’t funny.

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