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Dakota Fanning: Still Not Drunk

Dakota Fanning showed up completely sober to lend her support to an event for children’s rights in LA on Saturday.

I don’t know about the blue nail polish, though. What kind of example is she setting? First they’re wearing non-traditional shades of polish, and the next thing you know they’re smoking heroin in a hotel basement and blabbing for ten minutes about the state of sadomasochistic videos in this country.

In all seriousness, though, what I sorta love about Dakota is that she’s not all up in your face telling you about how she’s going to be an amazing role model and remain a virgin foreverandeveramen and avoid all the pitfalls of young Hollywood. She just kind of dresses like a normal 14-year-old and wears age-appropriate make up and doesn’t get her lips plumped or glue extensions in her hair and generally avoids being photographed in any proximity to Lindsay Lohan. Leading by example? Weird.

Of course, we’ll have to wait a few years before we can determine whether this behavior will continue once she’s free of the clutches of her protective parents, but, for now, rock on, Dakota.

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  • yep agree…..they oughtta slap a restraining order on the likes of Linds,Brit,Paris,Olsens et al to give this lil (very talented) one a half decent chance of a great career.

  • Yes, she does seem well grounded. But what happens when she is 18? or 21?

    I think it has a lot to do with the people you surround yourself with.

  • If she is so well-grounded, and has such careful parents, would she really crack that easily as soon as she hits legal age?

    I know this is going to sound weird, but I am going to actually hope for this one to make it.

  • I have nothing bad to say about this little chic. She’s a bad ass actress in everything she does. Is she taking time off to do her school thing? If so, AWESOME!!!

  • And I can remember asking my mother if I could paint my nails blue like that when I was that age, and she forbade me. Then again, that was when I was in my angsty, goth, brat-kid-from-Hell phase.

  • Hey, she has Jen Aniston’s hair!!! Love Jen. This kid is cute. She’ll probably go through some wild times but hopefully comes out without being part of the Drunk, Drugged Whore Bitch Club.

  • Beet: you’re scaring me a little. You have this thing for Bindi Croc Hunter, for that blonde teenage country singer girl and now Dakota Fanning? Hon, what’s going on?
    Is this just you feeling a longing to turn back the clock and be where these girls are now? Or do we need to contact CPS?
    just kidding….
    but yeah, i’m just saying……..

  • You rock on, Evil Beet! I just have to love you for posts like this. You start out all cynical and snarky, but in the end, you hold out hope for the underdog.

    I have to wonder what it says about us as a society that the innocent, age-appropriate girl is the underdog. Whoreywood is such a sleazy and tragic place to grow up.

    Dakota is the rare hold-out in a decadent world, who isn’t a Lolita, and her parents don’t ruin her wholesomeness by making it a commodity. Rock on to her parents, for managing to keep her out of the sleaze thus far! Keep up the good work!

  • > “when I was in my angsty, goth, brat-kid-from-Hell phase”


  • What is going inside her mouth??!! EWWWWW!! Looks like she has some weird gum disorder…so gross. Are her gums growing over her teeth. So creepy. Beet, get out ur investigative shrewdness and find out for us. Seriously, does she have a health problem there? Just smile with ur mouth closed girl.

  • Okay kids, When your adult teeth have come in they are yellow. As the child gets older they will whiten up. My dentist told me this beacuse my eight yr olds teeth are coming in just like Dakota’s. As they get stronger they will brighten on their own. I love that she looks like a young girl and not some slutty 14-15 yr. old. I think she must have pretty awesome parents that keep her firmly grounded.

  • wtf is with her teeth? They look like she’s been smoking since she was 2. That has got to be something funky with the lighting in the shot. Other than that she’s adorable

  • Cute girl, and like Beet said, leading by example. But she really should check out some teeth whitening…she’s a little young for smoke stained teeth but that sure is what it looks like in this photo

  • I like Dakota Fanning,For instince she doesnt act or look like a slutty little 14 yr old,so what she has yellow teeth..Its better then looking like every little girl in the whole world and they will get whiter sooner or later.Doesnt mean everyone has gotta be dishin on her.She is one of my idols and she is an amaazing actress.beet is right-she wears the right amount of make up and it looks good.I hope she gets far,and doesnt mess up her career like some before.

  • Also you saying “what I sorta love about Dakota is that she’s not all up in your face telling you about how she’s going to be an amazing role model and remain a virgin foreverandeveramen and avoid all the pitfalls of young Hollywood.” Is not really true.

    Dakota made a big deal about “pledging” to be a ‘clean’ teen. There were tons of articles about it. For example:
    “American child actress Dakota Fanning, 14, has made a promise to live a clean and trouble free teenage life.
    She says that she has even sealed the pledge with a handshake in front of her mother, publicist, agent, and friends in this respect.
    “I swear I wont do any of those things!” she said.”

  • Dakota also was seen in a picture with a wine bottle and a see through top on with a black bra. At 14, is this what our children should follow the example of? She is not perfect. No celebrity or person for that matter is.

  • hey! stop talking about her teeth!! she’s just normal!!!!!! do you want to be all superficial like the other girls her age?? like miley cyrus or something!? I know they’re not perfect but LET HER BE!!!!! I really don’t think she’s gonna change her normal attitude when she turns 17 or 18, that’s just the way she is…. such a good behavior, i don’t think she’ll be another Lindsay Lohan, besides she has SO much talent than any other girl her age…I mean have you seen all her movies? she is an incredible actress! she is pretty, funny, nice, outgoing, talented, etc!
    LOVE YOU DAKOTA!!! I really hope you act as Jane in New Moon!! it will be awesome!!! you and Kristen Stewart in a movie together?? wow! I wouldn’t miss that for anything in the world! you both act incredibly good….to bad rob pattison is edward, he’s to old, I have nothing against him but he should stop acting as kid….he said in a youtube video that he didn’t like kids, so WHY IS HE ALWAYS ACTING AS ONE!?! grow up!

  • I think Dakota is one of the most talented young actresses out there. In the movies that she’s been in they’ve truly had an effect on me. I really enjoyed “The Secret Life of Bees” that was such a sad one and she played her part so good. and people, leave her teeth alone! sorry her mouth cant be perfect; now we all much hate her? yeah right!
    I’m hoping that she plays Jane in New Moon. she’d be SO GOOD. they must’ve already decided; right? they have a release date and everything for New Moon. Oh well, we’ll have to see. love you dakota!

  • wtf who cares if she wears blue polish,wearing it is for her and nobody else, who cares about the nay sayers.she aint wearing it for you and for your information its not like its black nail polish.nobodys perfect and dont expect her to be .im pretty sure there are worse teenagers get the f*** over it

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