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  • okay….i just happen to see this pic and clicked on the link and i was reading the comments and wow i couldn’t possibly explain how pathetic i think yall are for even taking the time to argue over a comment list…pathetic…it truly is….so i just want to say get a life and get off your computer before your ass sticks to your seat

  • except for JABANERO because bonersauce is pretty fuckin funny….and don’t reply to comments dip shits this is the first and last time i get on this site……i hate kids

  • oiiii u piece of shit who that fuck do u think u are miley iz a fucking slag & u no wat it is FUCKU & YEAH I WAS ONE OF THE PPL THA WROTE THOSE COMMENT AND I WOULDNt CLASS MY sELF AS PHATETIC
    so yeah hahahah

    • who the f cares if u hate us or not…
      the real deal is people here wanna get her pussy banged by dem n i’d say i’ve achieved dat. i’ve got both her pussy as well as her ass..
      she surely is an animal in da get-going but cant match ma stamina…
      dat nyt was surely fun…

  • miley im one of your fans.i know they have no bisness talking about you and im only10 in4th mom has a yahoo account and her pet is nick jonus and i think that its horrible to say something about you.

  • Lol i’d rather watch some nice xnxx videos then this. My gmas stomach looks sexier than hers. and hey you fucking faggot, you wouldnt have clicked on this link if you werent interested in little girls, so you can go fuck yourself for calling everyone else perverts. You’re a fag if you think this is bad. Im suprised miley’s vagina isnt posted all over the internet with how things are now a days. Naked girls on the internet is just….well……not hard to find. haha queer.

  • hey all “miley-haters” back-off…she has not done anything bad.. there are girls who have done much worse things than this…so chill n stop blabbering shit..luv u miley..u rock…

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