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Girls Day Out!

A preggers Angie takes Zahara and Shiloh out for a lovely afternoon in France.

Little Shiloh has lots of hair now!

And you can already tell that Zahara’s going to be stunning when she grows up.

So adorable.

So jealous. I wanna take my super-cute little daughters on a shopping spree in France! Leo doesn’t like shopping. He pees on stuff.

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  • I have yet to see a picture of Shiloh walking…and where are her shoes? That child is never gonna learn to walk if they don’t put some shoes on her and let her feet hit the ground!! And I agree, Z is going to be a gorgeous young lady, she already looks the part of Red Carpet FAB!!

  • Wow they actually look adorable. I dislike Angie because of Jen.. but I’m slowwlllly trying to get over it because she does all this nice shit for the world, and whatever. How old is Shiloh, though? I never see pictures of her walking.

  • OK Beet, two things. Her daughters are indeed adorable but I have a serious bone to pick with Angie and Brad and these are the reasons why:
    1. Why do people carry their toddlers around with no shoes on? That’s just tacky, and considering Angie and Brad have like 8 assistants, there’s no reason why Shiloh should be shoeless, even for a quick trip to run errands.

    2. I absolutely HATE it when people adopt black babies and don’t have a CLUE as to how to style their hair! Zahara is beautiful regardless, but seriously, Angie needs to learn how to do black hair and put some oil on her scalp and at least braid it. There’s no reason why Zahara should be walking around with her hair looking like a rat’s nest.

  • Baby Z might just want the wildass hairdo. I remember being pretty particular about my hair when I was a kid — I HATED having it brushed, and pretty much just wore my hair in pigtails all the time.

    I DO agree, though, Grace, that African hair (and I’m saying African specifically because Zahara IS from Africa) is far more complex than most white people really understand. I read some article about how particular black women are about their hairdos — like, how anal Oprah is about getting hers wet and whatnot. It seems like a pain in the ASSSSSS to take care of, which is maybe why Angie lets Z rock the ‘fro. And no shoes?

    I love how Shiloh hasn’t grown into those lips quite yet. What a lil’ flycatcher!


  • I love it how they’re all wearing black :) How cute.

    I also agree with Grace that Angie should learn how to style Z’s hair. Either way, she looks adorable, but I still think that it would be nicer if she at least took care of it. She can’t possibly be so out of the loop as to not know that it looks silly the way it is now.

    And Ernestine, LOL. Yeah, Shiloh’s got her Mommy’s lips, but they’re too big for her. I think she’s going to be soooo incredibly gorgeous when she’s older.

  • Yeah, Angie needs to get Z her own stylist…what’s the age difference? ‘Cause if Shiloh’s feet ever touched the ground it looks like these girls are about the same height.

  • Grace – hilarious.

    I actually like it when black women poof up their hair in all of their naturally diva glory. Little Z’s could use a little styled poof poof though. It would be sooooooo cute!!

  • I like Zahara’s hair. Remember when Maddox had a mohawk? I think Angelina likes to let her kids be themselves.

  • ***1. Why do people carry their toddlers around with no shoes on? That’s just tacky, and considering Angie and Brad have like 8 assistants, there’s no reason why Shiloh should be shoeless, even for a quick trip to run errands. ***

    I love this comment. You must not have kids (or only have one). I’ve got three and 2 of the three hardly ever have shoes on in the summer. It’s just how kids are. I personally love seeing a CELEBRITY with their toddler looking just like mine.

  • You’re right Tiffers, I don’t have kids and when I do have them, they’ll probably be shoeless some of the time. However, if I was Angie and had millions of dollars and EIGHT assistants I wouldn’t let that happen.

    Ernestine- You’re so right about black women (of all descents) being anal about their hair. I absolutely HATE for my hair to get frizzy when it’s humid (because I’ve JUST spent an hour or more flat ironing it) and when it rains on it! It drives me crazy, and it always has to be in place, because the wind messes it up in a non-sexy-windblown way. Sigh…the world may never understand what we have to go through. I should just shave my head. I’ve seen it on some black girls and it actually looks hot (with earrings). lol.

  • No one commented on the ‘all in the family’ black attire. I always see them neutral or in black lately. Bring the color back!

  • >Why do Angelina’s arms have such BIG veins?

    Cuz they are still screaming for the “H”.

    Anyone notice the vial around her neck? Wonder if it contains Brad Pitt’s blood (or other body fluids). That crazy bitch has a habit of collecting them and wearing around neck.

  • Angelina is SOOOO overrated. Seriously? This bitch is crazy. And everyone thinks she is like this, holy savior because she decided to buy babies from other countries to clean up her blood wearing around the neck, making out with her brother, getting tattoos of her old husband on her arm, image. I dont really know of any mother that would allow her children to go out looking like this. I mean, come on!!! Shiloh has on NO SHOES, her hair is a mess and her dress could use like, a little sweater over it. And Zahara? OMG that poor girls hair always looks like a mess. And she wants to add more babies to her collection? She is such a dumb whore.

  • i read something about angelina’s veins once, some “medical expert” said it was kinda normal for women her age to have them, so maybe it is?

  • I agree with everyone about the hair. I would like to adopt some day and if I do adopt a African American child I will defiantly find out a good place to get his/her hair done at. But like others said she might like her hair that way, I refused to let anyone do my hair.

  • Have you not noticed SJP’s and Madonna’s veiny arms?? No one questions them?! On another site they have this same picture (and lots more) and on several Shiloh is walking and has little black Mary Janes on-same shopping trip. When my son was that age the pediatrician told me to keep the shoes OFF unless he was going to be walking outside-that it is better for the feet. Also, I think they carry them so much because there are always paparazzi crowding around and it’s safer fore the little ones.

  • just me has a point with the madonna arms thing, ewww yuk. but you know… madonna wishes she was miss olympia or something.

  • how Can you think that thing is attractive? It looks like a monkey. It is not going to be attractiv when it grows up. The blond child is beautiful though.