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Another Living Lohan Preview

Oh, God.

I am going to be so into this show.

Dammit. Dammit. Dammit.

PS — I am taking a risk on the RedLasso clip. If it crashes the site like it used to, it’s coming down immediately, and I’m sorry.

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  • she can’t sing a song she doesn’t believe in?!?!?!
    according to that the only songs she would be able to sing would deal with money and premature ageing.

  • Who are these people? Why does the US make these white trash people into something we should give a shit about? Lindsay is a joke, a product of the media, talentless, skanky looking, her mother is a super skank, her little sister is ruined already…why oh why oh why oh why does this country fixate on such losers and elevate them into our living rooms? All of the really beautiful and talented people in the world must be livid. This trashy orange colored family has had waaaay too much time in the limelight. Lets end this stupidness. Lose the Lohan’s…send them back to the suburbs ….

  • Like Nancy says, who cares? Ali really can’t sing, she’s (no offense) kinda ugly, she seems really bratty and attention grabbing, gee, they could make a tv show of my life too, and no one would give a damn. Just more attention grabbing publicity stunts for those who can afford it. Ugh!

  • I can’t wait for her to go on SNL and screw up the lip syncing too. Her little jig will be the best after she blames the band.

    I am having a huge deja vu from the Simpson’s sisters.

  • Love how she picks up a glass of champagne when the dude tells her she’s going to be huge.. good editing job to cut away quick before she starts chuggin’.. just like big sis taught her!


    but urghhhh, Dina. She’s like, a dinosaur or something. She scares me, really.

  • “This can’t happen, it’s money”?! Seriously like wtf? No wonder her daughters are crackups…oh well more juicy gossip fodder.