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Jayde Nicole: Playmate of the Year!

Congrats to Canadian model Jayde Nicole, who succeeds Sara Jean Underwood as the 2008 Playmate of the Year. She was honored on Thursday at the Playboy mansion.

Jayde is 22, but, if you can believe it, she was only 6 when she designed that dress!


What an accomplished young woman.

To see a little more of what Jayde’s … uh … working with here, jump in. [NSFW]

Am I the only one slightly bothered by the fact that none of the women in Playboy actually have vaginas? They have, like, little Photoshopped slits. I read somewhere that it’s because having labia in a photo makes it considered somehow more risque, but it just kind of annoys me. Like, vaginas exist. Women don’t just have Barbie anatomy with a tiny hole for your occasional enjoyment. Why can mainstream porn not acknowledge that?

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