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D-List Drama!

Oh. Mah. Gawd.

That ’70s Show star Danny Masterson was spotted out in LA sucking face with model Agyness Deyn, who is both a) not his girlfriend and b) not at all attractive, in my opinion.

His girlfriend of a year is Hilton pal Bijou Phillips. This photo of the two of them was taken April 26, so if there was a break-up, it was recent.

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  • I would have to look at this the other way around… Agyness Deyn is hot. Him however… not so much. Agyness girl, you can do better!!

  • i think danny masterson is sexy. i find it weird but i really do.. he’s got this thing about him that’s just all natural, you know?

  • okay….i actually think aygness(beside having a surprisingly interesting name which i would normally be annoyed by) is lovely. whereas masterson’s gf in that picture looks a little like fergie did right after she peed herself. but then again i’m on my first cup of coffee.

    also surprisingly, that picture of masterson is really doing it for me- and i’ve never thought he was anything too special to look at. and i hate facial hair.

    WHAT is going on today? is this bizarro friday?

  • Agyness is lovely; a really pretty girl. I never used to think so but then i-D published an issue dedicated to her (there were nudes, beet!! :p) and she’s so smiley and stuff…anyway, yeah, point of this comment is he is hooooora ug. :|
    agyness could do better. in fact, doesn’t agyness have a boyfriend!?

  • DUUUUUUUUDE- Agyness blows that hatchet-faced goblin Bijou out of the freakin water. She’s actually cute, whereas Bijou looks like a seahag on the best of days.

  • Well, if Rumor Willis makes the People magazine beautiful list then perhaps ugly is the new pretty?

  • Rumer made that list? That’s a throw in to take away from all the blondes.

    He’s a scientologist so I find that insanely unattractive.

  • >He’s a scientologist so I find that insanely unattractive.

    I completely forgot he was one of those zombies. She must be one of those also if he is dating her (or else he is looking to recruit her)

  • Donkey Punch, something you may dislike. Since I’m on a Wikipedia kick, I decided to look up Danny Masterson’s Wiki: “Masterson also frequently DJs at Los Angeles night clubs under his name, DJ MomJeans, formerly DJ Donkey Punch.”
    Of course, the origins of ‘Donkey Punch’ are truly romantic.

  • I agree w/ ya Beet! I think Bijou is gorgeous & that model chick is UGLY!!! I cannot understand the attraction w/ Agyness, why is she so popular nowadays?!

    And Danny is HOT!!! I always liked him & Topher on That 70’s Show-Ashton=Yuck! ;)

  • Bijou has admittedly cheated on past boyfriends (Sean Lennon, who wrote a whole album about how she broke his heart, and yes, Danny too), so don’t feel sorry for her!

  • > Of course, the origins of ‘Donkey Punch’ are truly romantic.

    Women find my name extremely offensive and that sort of tickles me. I like teasing uptight women.

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