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I Guess Joshua Jackson’s Still Dating Diane Kruger

Joshua Jackson and Girlfriend Diane Kruger, Pictures, Photos


Joshua and Diane showed up to the opera on Monday night arm-in-arm.

Dude, Katie Holmes did a way, way better job of hooking up with someone who would make her more famous.

Also: what on earth is that jacket made of?

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  • It looks like… velour or the so popular lately velvet. I’m gonna go with velour though. And his shirt is tucked in all crooked. And his shoes suck. And his pants are either dirty or the wrong fabric for the jacket AND the shirt AND the shoes. And he’s standing all slanty.

    And what exactly is with the Napoleon stance?

    Does he have heart burn? Is he going for his toy gun? Did someone steal his bicorne?

    Who are these people, anyway? Random shlubs?

  • Oh, so good to hear that. Seems I have seen he at an interracial dating club m i x e d f r i e n d s . c o m or somewhere just like that. Not sure whether it is true or not.

  • why is Diane Kruger like, even famous? seriously… who is she and what has she done? apart from dating a guy who was borderline cool when i was 11 years old.

  • Freddy Krueger’s daughter is not bad-looking. I believe Joshua Jackson used to date Katie, back in the day.

  • At least Josh looks more alive and vibrate than katie holmes. Katie looks like a zombie dating tom cruise.

  • Just wait until George Clooney needs someone to play his son/nephew in a project one day. Joshua Jackson is going to be all over that shit.

  • i personally think that josh is a great actor and is good looking and i dont think he is for diane kruger i dont like her at all. she’s going no where. it wont last!!!