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Christina Ricci Smoking a Cigarette, Pictures, Photos

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  • ohhh

    sin duda la camara la adora
    tiene ese specto de niña tierna y en algun momento terrorifica
    aveces enciendo la tv y pongo en el 40 donde pasa aquella serie los locos adams.. tan solo para verla a ella hehe


  • Christina Ricci, is like a role-model whether she smokes or not.. that has nothing to do with yall.. it has to do with her and what SHE wants to do.. I have been a fan of Christina Ricci since she first came out.. I have supported her since I was a little girl.. She’s veryyyyy beautiful :) Yall are just jealous.. What are you talking about?! She’s still cute ;) HATERS keep hating.. cuz she don’t givea fuck bout yall.. She still be doing her thang.. I don’t blame her at all either.. Christina keep doing ya thang, and haters keep hatin, cuz yall ain’t doing anything but making her more beautiful than she already is, and making her famous :):)

    Love always Truely Your Number 1# Fan, Always and Forever,
    Kayla Graham :)

  • Christina Ricci is a very good actress.
    She should be able to smoke a sigarette whenever she wants.
    She is very beautifull and I admire her.

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