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Paris Hilton at Crystal Nightclub in London, Pictures, PHotos

Here’s Paris chillin’ at Crystal nightclub in London with Benji.

It’s weird: her legs seem to be gaining weight, and her arms seem to be losing weight. I can’t figure it out.

I want to know the trick where my stomach, legs and arms lose weight, but my breasts gain weight. Can someone teach me that?

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  • come on girl-chin up!!
    You have a brand new beginning!
    I know you have had a rough go of it the past couple of months but you have to believe you are on your way to great things.

  • I can’t get over how ashamed Mr. Madden looks in this picture. That and that fact that Miss Wonky Eye looks like she has to pee.

  • I’m irrationally enraged by that stupid outfit. She looks like a 1985 version of Minnie Mouse. I say “irrationally” because I shouldn’t care what Paris Hilton is wearing. But that outfit still pisses me off.

  • maybe thats what the solid colored stockings are for, to make her legs look less chickenlike. bawk bawk.

  • Honestly, chicken and milk, makes your breasts grow like crazy, and you lose a ton of weight if you eat helthy along with that.

    I did it for the same reasons you said and it worked lol

  • Ol’ Benji’s having one of those quintessential life moments.

    Like… when your vapid, drunk, drama-queen girlfriend is unashamedly mugging for the cameras and standing on the seat next to you.

    Like… the realization that the look she’s giving him is exactly the same way she looks at her dog(s).

    Or perhaps… Cisco Adler’s saggy balls and probably most of Greasy Bear have been where his mouth undoubtedly was just a short while ago.

    Doesn’t matter. The response is the same. “How the hell did this happen? Where was I? Is this why all my friends are snickering behind my back?”

  • why would a chick who wears a size 11 shoe wear red heals? and beji looks soooo sad. get away from that .50cent ho!