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This Made Me Feel Really Bad About Myself

So I spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon fighting with assorted parties regarding the pictures of a naked Audrina Patridge that I (illegally, and after being specifically told not to) ran yesterday. So much fuss over a naked nobody from a stupid reality TV show.

Then I watched South Park last night — where they basically poked fun at the insanity of the celebrity gossip obsession — and I was like “Shit, this is insane. And I’m totally a part of it.”

And I felt really, really bad about myself for a minute.

And then I remembered when I used to work a 9-5 job at an office and how much I hated it and then I was like, “You know, this is probably okay.”

Anyway. The whole episode’s above. It’s pretty disturbing, actually.

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  • She still thinks she can do whatever and it doesn’t matter what you think, as she has Mom and Dad, her ex and the judge bailing her out and restoring any kind of respect from the world back into her care? Won’t last and she will break free to wallow in her own filth and do the wrong thing every time soon enough. And this cartoon giving her a helpless lame excuse for acting like a shallow, vile brat and disturbing everyone with her crazy-nasty antics for the good of all.. is simply annoying. See her as she is.. She literally vomits and turns her back on her own children after twenty minutes.. she hates any dignity and morality people!

  • I’m confused…. were you just describing Britney, cuddlesmcgee? Or were you describing the general American populous?

  • Don’t feel bad, Beet. I can’t believe Matt and Trey wrote this fairy tale! Anyhoo- she brought most of thid shyt on herself.

  • She definetely spends plenty of time courting the attention. It’s a circle we ALL play a part in – whether it’s Britney’s part , that one horrifying screaming paps part or the part the rest of us play & are loathe to admit ( We are Randy on the couch in the opening : watching politics and preaching to care about “real” news & then seeing her … getting excited …. and saying ” Oh – what’s she done now!!! ” ) Unfortunately none of us are totally innocent in this sad part of todays society.