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Go Bindi, Go!

Bindi Irwin Modeling for Bindi Wear, Pictures, Photos

Here’s the always-adorable Bindi Irwin, walking the runway for her new line of eco-friendly kids clothes, Bindi Wear.

You can learn more about her collection here.

And, yeah, I do feel a little weird posting this immediately above the image of the Jenna Jameson vibrator. But some things can’t be helped.

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  • She is so beautiful and cute. Love her!!! Eapically the ablums she posted on the celebrity website She is widely welcome there jsut like other celebrities.

  • wow….talk about mom using her dads fame to pimp out another soon to be passed over child star. hope their at least putting some money away to go to college.

  • lmfao beet!!

    this is a little girl i want to see succeed. and as much as people bitch and gripe about the dangerous environment they’re in, i’ll bet you she won’t end up in rehab.

  • Wow, every young, famous chick really is using her 15 minutes to launch a clothing line or a fragrance. My guess is that Bindi will actually succeed with her clothing line and public life. She’s just too adorable and personable.

    Good management could help make her successful. That and avoiding teenage pregnancy and rehab.

  • Sorry, but I can’t stomach this kid. The mom is TOTALLY pimping her out, and doing so primarily by playing the sympathy card over her dead dad. Bindi’s has an unnatural “affect” as being the reincarnation of her father. It is all so transparent…the mannerisims, the catch phrases/words, manufactured excitment, manufactured devotion to “carry on” her father’s work… UGH

  • i guess i am the only one, but i always thought she looked somewhat disabled. she is obnoxious too. talk about mom cashing in on the father and now on the daughter. shouldn’t she make her own money and quit prostituting her kid!