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Anna Kournikova, Because She’s Still Hot

Anna Kournikova at KSwiss Store Opening on Santa Monica Promenade, Pictures, Photos

Here’s Anna at the opening of the K-Swiss store on the Promenade in Santa Monica.

It looks like she’s curled her natural hair but left her extensions straightened, which is so bizarre to me.

And I actually kinda dig the outfit — the shape is way cool — but I can’t get over her decision to pair that damn watch with it. It’s not working for me at all.

Anyway, she’s still got killer legs, although they belong to the capable hands of Enrique Iglesias.

The award for Most Inexplicably There goes to Fred Durst, who showed up to the event sporting a gray beard. Why on earth did K-Swiss invite him? Why did he go? I just can’t imagine a washed-up rocker with a graying beard is how they want their brand represented. There’s some weird story behind this, I’m sure.

Fred Durst with Gray Beard at KSwiss Store Opening on Santa Monica Promenade, Pictures, Photos

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  • I stumbled upon this blog doing a ‘google’ search.
    Celebrity bloggers are just as trashy as the celebrities they blog. It’s more people filling up space with noise that has no meaning behind it. Sure, you can make some sassy remark regarding someone’s haircut or some bad choice a celebrity makes, but why don’t you go do something real, even like reading a book? And not one of those recent trashy ones, something with substance.

  • Can I make a bet? I’m betting that Victor has not only bookmarked this page but is also regularly checking up on it to see if he got a rise out of someone.