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Who is Julia Allison?


Somehow this weekend, between drinking and attempting to get ready to shoot my second hooker stint on “The Guiding Light,” I became obsessed with Julia Allison. Though at first glance she seems to be a Manhattan celebutante she really seems to have something interesting to say. Gawker is quite obsessed with her and though she does seem to be constantly at odds with them in her blog I think they are her ticket to celebrity. It is one of those “any publicity is good publicity” situations…and its just awesome to watch.

Almost EVERY DAY they re-post her Tumblr musings where she chronicles her daily life and trials in life and love. At first glance she seems a bit vapid but then really getting into it, it kind of interesting to see how somebody who is a Sex Columnist for “Time Out” and an At-Large Editor for “Star” can really live quite interesting life. They hate on her for being a “fame whore” but I think she somehow has found a way to be famous for simply knowing how to.

I actually am kind of impressed. She is obsessed with both the color pink and geeky tech boys and also, like me has a little fluffy dog. In between posting party pictures she actually has some interesting insights on dating and as a young woman trying to make it in New York its impressive how she has become such a fixture while not flashing her lady parts or sleeping with a celebrity.

Check out her Tumblr...its kind of addictive. Also check out her friend Mary’s bags at