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Kate & Owen?!?! Together again?!?!

k-and-o.jpgWHA WHA WHAAAATTT??? Well, multiple sources are saying it’s true, including US Weekly and Yahoo! I, for one, am ecstatic about the couple’s possible reunification! There have been reports from friends stating they are definitely ‘hooking up’ and Owen’s car has been spotted parked outside Miss Hudson’s home! YAY! Now I can stop feeling so awful for Mr. Wilson. Maybe this will bring him a little happiness? I’m still a little upset with Kate . . . I think she should have rushed to Owen’s side and made EVERYDAY steak and BJ day after his suicide attempt. Instead, she dilly-dallied and made another crappy movie with Mathew McConaughey. I bet MAD MONEY that Owen and Kate have had numerous arguments on that relationship . . . ‘but we’re just friends!’ blah blah blah. Yeah right, you know Mathew wants a piece. Whatevs though, that may just be me.

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